Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wade's Latest Tactic: Blame the State

The district's response to the state budget debate:

“This is one of the top school districts in the state,” said Superintendent Wade Lucas, Ed.D. “I believe that once the legislators understand our unique situation they will do the right thing for our students and for our taxpayers.”

But Wade has never done right by the taxpayers.

The Strickland's school funding formula bases costs on a number of inputs. The state then funds those inputs at some average amount (averages are always subject to debate).

Well, Wade-O connived a superintendent salary that is 2.5 times the amount funded by the state -- in his mind, his overly inflated salary is "the right thing for [the] students."

That's Wade for ya ... he's all about the kids.

And then Wade has the nerve to cry for funds.


1. When the state funds government schools, the dollars still come from your wallet. That's the way it works. And Wade knows it.
2. Becky Jenkins only makes 1.5 times the state funded average. A real steal.


Anonymous said... are right...Becky is a real steal....she's stealing from us!

Anonymous said...

Wade took a $100K pay raise to work for Olentangy from his Home at Green Local. His deal only gets better as the time clock ticks with gauranteed $12K pay raise in the form of stipends every year (plus the 14%STRS/ 11% District Pickup of Option STRS /11-13% Tax Deferred Annuity/Pick up on the Pickup / Medicare Tax Payment at 1.5%/ 2.8% Pay Raise).

He's got a great deal at the expense of the tax payer. But don't expect Wade to give back any of his "hard earned" money.
Do expect a new Wade Lucas Levy in two years.

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a past statement by a judge to disqualify her nomination to the Supreme Court, this is it:

“[t]he system of public education that has evolved in this Nation relies necessarily upon the discretion and judgment of school administrators and school board members, and we are not authorized to intervene absent violations of specific constitutional guarantees.”

The rationale of supporting the clearly spiteful, punitive actions of the school district were based upon “foreseeable risk of substantial disruption at the student’s high school".

This was a ruling against a Connecticut high school student by the 2nd Circuit Court (an asylum) Judge Sonia Sotomayor. The student who she ruled against was disqualified by her school district for running for student government because she called the superintendent and other administrators and unflattering name on her personal blog that she maintains at home, and not on school property.

Wackjob liberal law professor Jonathan Turley actually got this one right. His response: “The continual expansion of the authority of school officials over student speech teaches a foul lesson to these future citizens. I would prefer some obnoxious speech rather than teaching students that they must please government officials if they want special benefits or opportunities.”

Doninger v. Niehoff

Anonymous said...

They're at it again.

"Investigators said after the boy's mother was tipped off by school employees..."

Now...what does this say about the state of our schools? Did those "school employees" tell the principal about it and (s)he didn't do anything about it? Or did they not say anything because they knew the principal wouldn't do anything about it? Or were the employees afraid to tell him?

It's one of the three. None are good, but all are telling of the state of our schools. They don't server families and the community--families and the community server THEM.

This reminds me of the incident that happened a few months ago at one of our elementary schools when a student tried to hang himself with a jumprope, from the top bar of a swingset. The district and the local papers whitewashed it as a playground "mishap" and the districts press release on it praised the decisive actions of "teachers and administrators" in avoiding a trajedy. My understanding from a friend's daughter who was there was that the teachers were gabbing on the side of the building and not supervising the kids. Makes sense--how can they miss a kid climbing on top of a swingset, tying a jumprope to the top bar, tying the other end around his neck and then jumping? How can teachers who are watching the playground miss that?

Anonymous said...


They missed it because we hire playground aides to watch the kids!

By contract, the teachers were on a negotiated break time!

Anonymous said...

That's even better.

Who is responsible?

What's wrong with this picture??

Anonymous said...

bottom line board makes policies does not have to enforce them board does not get involved in individual concerns or day to day operations according to letters received from board member, dont be so hasty to blame aides its the upper management yes i see day to day special needs hi schoolers who dont know what bus to get on or where they belong standing on sidewalks of hi school w/o supervision from reps of hi school and now get ripping letter from superintendent lucas has i am annoying him and questioning my professionalism as employee of district and yes i have been invited to come hear what he has had to deal with past 3 months if he wants to discuss family health issues been there myself and i have lived a nightmare for 2 years w district for special needs child

Anonymous said...

How do you expect anyone to follow your rant when you can't even put together a coherent sentence?

Anonymous said...

The teachers should be superivising the aides.

There is no accountability, anywhere in the system.

Teachers don't supervise the aides; principals don't supervise the teachers; the superintendent doesn't discipline his principals, and the board doesn't believe oversight is their responsibility--they defer such "day-to-day operations" to the superintendent exclusively. In doing so...

...the board has let the superintendent know that oversight of staff is not important, and this laxity flowed downstream many years ago from boards past to the principals and their teachers. It has reached a point where you'd be hard pressed to find a teacher who doesn't game their cushy arrangement (including not doing lunch, recess or study hall duty) and arrange classroom activities to reduce their effort to an absolute minimum. They regularly and habitually stray from the curriculum to the point where many, if not most, create their own "micro curriculums". There is such a lack of consistency and instructional rigor that it's appalling. I ask my Sixth Grader every day what he did in school--from the second he arrived, to when the bell rings at the end of the day, and I'm am nearly always appalled.

Funny thing is, it's the "bitter malcontents" on this site who care about the education that our community's kids are receiving. Those who come onto this site to criticize us are the ones who don't care. Greatness isn't attained by crowing about incremental successes (particularly imagined, like what OLSD does); greatness is achieved by continually diagnosing weaknesses and correcting them to become strengths that the competition cannot match.

Weaknesses abound in OLSD, festering in OBoR stats and our own, internal stats. But the district will never deal with them lest they apply rigor to the curriculum that would jeapordize scores, and ultimately, their coveted rating. It's the rating they strive for (which is meaningless)--not the quality of instruction--because that's what district officials' raises are pinned to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
Good morning! In all seriousness I want to thank you for bringing humor to my morning. I guess it is a fault of mine to rant and not type sentences, but it did catch your attention enough to respond. I do respect your opinion and will learn from it. I never went on to get a degree, but speak from experience. It is interesting though to read in yesterdays main section of the dispatch the increasing number of college students who are having to retake basic high school courses. In fact the Olentangy high schools have become part of a large Battelle for kids grant to better train staff etc. so more of are students are prepared for careers and colleges after high school.
Again thanks for bringing this to my attention as I always believe in improving ones skills. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Dispatch article. The issue of remediation is the Dirty Little Secret that our public schools dare not utter in public.

Best line from the article, "Right now, high schools hand students off to colleges and declare victory...but they don't look at how many had to take remedial courses or never got a degree."

This is a disgrace and a scandal.

Dr. Lucas (you know he reads this blog)--will you please put your pom-poms down, roll up your sleeves and step up to the plate and address this issue?

Anonymous said...

Right now I am keeping it brief, but I see more and more people are hitting it on the head especially to recognize there is no accountability in the district. How so very true and to have it all in documentation is a wonderful thing. I can only encourage more people to go in and start looking at public records, yes those of staff, teachers and especially of your own child. It is your right and you have a right to see these and also have copies. It costs you five cents per page but if you read something you want it is well worth it. If you don't know how to do this, I can gladly share the form to do so.

God bless you all and thanks for the encouragement to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the person who read the dispatch article and responded. What is more disgusting is the fact this district is partcipating in a grant from Battelle and guess who worked there before, Michael Nicholson, of pupil services and he is another person to distrust and I have the documents to show.
Also to the person who said Mr. Lucas reads this I am not sure how when I have the invitation to meet w him to hear what his 3 months have been like and yes he is getting impatient with my emails. My emails directly have been few but yes any email sent to others he gets a copy. I would encourage you all to sign up for first class it is very informative to read lots of inside information, policies, discussions there also. Yes someone's wonderful idea in the district but abused wonderful way for students who don't know your child to communicate and call your child a loser, retard etc. and yes all the student needs is their ID, how hard to get anyone's id.

I am pleased to see the numbers growing. It's hard to fight one on one but crowds help.
Another inside tip everyone has the right to speak five minutes at public session of board and yes stick to five minues because the clock ticks, but the media is there and if you type it out and give to media there is leverage. Yes follow the procedures, wrte the board, but go public, otherwise it might fall on deaf ears, with the exception of Jennifer Smith. On that note I encourage all to personally contact Mrs. Smith and show your support. She recognizes family first which I am proud of and how hard it must be for your to fight other board memebers and persons of the public that don't choose the accept the truth.

Anonymous said...

Time to read the policies see how much has to be approved by superintendent or designee, Guess what anyone can be appointed as designee. Maybe we can take a lead off a u tube sight where people who have had issues and turned to God posted views on cardboard signs and did video. This might draw more attention.

Anonymous said...


Just curious....did your student change their password from their student ID? This is what each student is instructed to do and my student did. The fact that your student did not follow basic instructions is not a reason to blast the district. Since your student can't follow directions, they deserve to have their account hacked.


It is not the teacher's job to supervise the aids. That is a job of the principal. There are teachers who have recess and lunch duty and if they are not doing their duty, they should be reprimanded...but to say that teachers should supervise the playground aids is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon who accused my child not following directions. Do you know how many parents did not even know first class existed. Yes I changed his id how do you think i know what was said and my chlld doesn't.How many parents did i notify that knew nothing about this and busted their kids for being on site all hours they were not supposed to be. Who bothered to send notices about this site first and how to change id duh leave it up to special needs kids to know what to do. sounds like district person speaking

Anonymous said...

to anon about first class what do you know about no homework no penalty policy

Anonymous said...

hmmm did my student follow the rules. I do not refer to my child as a student and after all i have it in writing that some persons are not to be involved with students once they are under homeboud instruction regardless if they are the parent. I wonder how parents of ill students get their studet;s homework

Anonymous said...

My bad--of course the teachers are not responsible--they washed their hands of doing any recess duty and we hired hourlies to do that for them.

BS--that's just passing the buck and taking cover. If teachers are present alongside aides then they have to be responsible for what happens. If they are the most senior staff on the scene then they have to take responsibility.

Then again, taking responsibility has always been a problem with district employees.

Anonymous said...


I don't know your situation, but I did receive a notice about First Class before my student was given her account. Yes...your student did not follow directions. Just because you did not know about First Class does not mean that your child followed directions. My daughter was placed in a computer lab with the rest of her class and was told how to change her password...and...oh my gosh....SHE DID! I am not a district employee. I said "your student" because you never mentioned m/f...sorry. I am just annoyed that you people are blasting the district about something that all parents were notified about. A letter was sent home. My daughter brought it to me. If your children did not, that is their fault, not the district's. Do you want them to send you a letter by mail every time something changes?!?! What a waste of money.


I don't know anything about no homework, no penalty. I was just speaking about First Class. My daughter still has to do homework and gets grades for it.


Don't know what you are talking about. I call to get my daughter's homework and they have it ready. She can also log in to first class and see her assignments posted for some teachers.


Teachers who have recess duty should be held responsible. There are teachers if I remember that are out there during recess. They also have lunch duty. I don't know where you are getting your info. I swear...people make up anything they have heard at their spa treatment with the other housewives in the neighborhood. What a bunch of snotty people.

Anonymous said...

Now for some hunor read yesterday's dispatch printed from dayton daily news flip-flop prank nets students suspensions. Hope this district never enforces dress codes. Have a beautiful day everyone.

Quote of day-"Kids don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fedako,

You are awesome about diggup up the facts. What do you know about some Olentangy athletic staff getting reprimanded for their actions while in Disney?

Anonymous said...

Oh.. you mean the atheletic staff that was drinking alcohol while on an Olentangy Athletic Trip?

Yeah, those people were "reprimanded" but will be back again next year to coach. Just another fine example of "accountability and holding people responsible for their actions."

Nice work Julie! Protect those that negatively impact our kids. APPLAUSE!

Anonymous said...

What--those coaches weren't given life contracts?

Oh, that's right...a teacher has to make her kids pretend to be illegal immigrants for half a semester and then show them half a dozen R-Rated movies the other half, in order to be given a life contract. Silly me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Get on the Olentangy site and read Mr. Lucas' staff memo. Keep him in your prayers his wife is now in hospice. Read the whole article.

As no homework/no penalty has been explained to me not all teachers are participating but is projected phase yes if you don't do homework/no penalty, quizes are self graded and at end of chapter etc only that test counts, however, no one can provide written documentation. It is interesting that the person who can go get homework I was for weeks on end because my child is on homeintruction and it has been dictacted as parent I cannot participate. I ask what do parents do when their child is sick for several days.

Yes the athletic people story is they only had one drink & they got disciplined. Find that hard to believe. Yes they will be back.

Anonymous said...

It is saddening to see the half truths and sweeping generalizations that have become the norm on this site. Much of what is written here, with the exceptions of Mr. Fedako and a VERY few others who actually do research before typing, is a bunch of hearsay and general meanness, and is so far from the truth. Unless one wants him/herself to be painted with a broad brushstroke that doesn't come close to even being applicable, one would do well to learn the facts first before making accusations. Because something happens in one building or classroom doesn't mean it happens to all. The people on this site act as if there is not one good thing going on in the district.

I, too, pray for Dr. Lucas and his family. I hope that some of the mean-spirited people on this site will back off as he and his family (from what I understand he has a 12 year old and a 17 year old along with two older children) cope with the impending death of their wife/mother. Let the speculations and meanness take a backseat to empathy and prayers for them as the woman they love dies. If Hospice is in, it won't be long. I speak from experience with my father on this one. No one deserves this kind of pain.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:18--

What does any of this have to do with Mrs. Lucas?

If any of this is personal then you'd have a point. It's not, so you don't.

Anonymous said...

Please separate the facts of the situation in government schools from the emotionalism of former employees' personal lives. Affective Education which is mightily used in government schools to change children's beliefs should not be used at this blog to change readers' beliefs. I'm sure we all feel bad when we hear about tragic stories but it should not change how we feel about what goes on in government schools.

Anonymous said...

Back to the original post....

To those sympathizers who will call me evil for bringing up a basic Human Resource your fingers. I am sorry for his wife's illness...but employers have standards that must be adhered to by policy and law!

In the private and government sector, employees who have personal illness and/or deal with family member illness, are REQUIRED to use all available leave time including, sick, personal and vacation. Where available leave time is exhausted, the employee has the option of applying for FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) which allows for unpaid leave, but protects an employee from losing their job.

Fearing OSLD establishing a precedent that could be exploited by other district
Dr. Lucas's time away from the district being accounted for properly? Is there documented proof?

The Board did a poor job of accounting for Dr. Davis' time prior to his retirement. Has the situation been corrected by the Superintendent's current Boss?

Otherwise, this too is theft and creates a potential future liability for the the District.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't personal then people wouldn't have to resort to ad hominem attacks on Dr. Lucas's character. I would venture to say that most people who sling mud at him have never met him, especially when they were slinging mud before he got here. He has been here what, two months? He is no different than any other person who seeks to move upwardly in his/her career, except that our state has chosen to fund schools through taxes. That is not his fault. No one bats an eye when it happens in the private sector, but Dr. Lucas is villified for looking out for the interests of himself and his family when negotiating a contract. No one has the inside scoop on how he is making deicsions; they are just speculating about it on this site and determining their speculations are fact. That is what I am talking about. Let the man have some peace as he says goodbye to his wife.

Anonymous said...

I agree; Dr. Lucas absolutely should have to account for his time away. I assume he is, but I don't know. I think it odd that he is trying to do both -- work and care for his wife, but then he may feel an obligation to the district that just hired him. At any rate, I would hope that he is using sick time just like anyone else should.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone change jobs in the middle of what Dr. Lucas is going through?

Oh, that's right, the money.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lucas was quoted in the local paper as saying that the reason why he took this job was so that his wife had access to the best medical care. I assume he was referring to the OSU/ James Cancer Center. That alarmed me. I thought the following:

Did he disclose this to the board during the selection process? I imagine not.

If his wife was terminal--and there is no doubt that she was terminal at the time he applied for the position--then access to the kind of medical care that could make the difference between life and death was a moot point, so it seems that Dr. Lucas was being disengenuous with that comment. Then I have to ask myself, "What was his motive for even saying that--sympathy in order to lower expectations?".

Did he disclose his wife's terminal condition to the board during the interview process? It's none of the board's business and he would have no obligation to do so, but I would like to know. Or, did he make any reference to his wife's illness during the interview process, but not disclose that she had only months to live in order to establish the expectation that there could be issues requiring time away from the district.

These questions are not mean spirited. They are borne out of his own comment reported in the local paper, which now seems to have been misleading and motivated.

Anonymous said...

It does happen to matter when we are paying the taxes. Actually, having them stolen from us. We are the "bosses" but we have no say in anything. Just stand and deliver.

Anonymous said...

Olentangy should not have hired him knowing that his wife sick. Dr. Lucas won the lottery when he was hired at Olentangy. He needs to do the right thing and take his personal time and vacation time to take care of his wife. Family should always come first, he shouldn't of took this job. Not the right time.
I feel sorry for all the other people that has family health problems and they have to take all there personal days, vacation day ect. NOT FAIR TO OTHERS. Welcome to Olentangy the care givers.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the board knew the condition of Dr. Lucas's wife when they hired him, and frankly it's none of their business. If it were he, then yes--but it's his spouse.

That said, I'll put a twist on a familiar line we hear all too often, "What did he tell them (the board) and when did he say it?"

Anonymous said...

Having just visited the Olentangy site on the web I see that someone has applied for a grant to "study" safety in travel to and from school. There is a survey to take and the questions are too weird. Evidently the plan is to apply for an additional grant beyond the one they already got. What the heck. It's just more of our money. Do check out the survey and ponder the kind of person who comes up with such things.

Anonymous said...

Lucas made two statements regarding why he wanted to come to Olentangy. 1) He wanted to be closer to the best medical care possible. 2) He wanted to be closer to his wife's family for support. Mrs. Lucas' sister is a teacher at OLSD.

He did identify his wife's condition during the process. Perhaps this is another instance of "OSLD Board Philanthropy" as was the case with our former Superintendants $250K medical leave contract that was awarded after he announced he had LGD.

Either way, we hired someone with the expectation they would lead our district. If he's not doing that, then he needs to take his personal leave, sick, vacation days to address his own personal issues.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame Dr. Lucas for taking the job, he is looking out for his family. The only one's to blame is the school board.

Now the board should do the right thing, make him take all vacations days, sick days, ect.

Let's see if the board makes it right with the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I is very interesting to read that someone wants to grant to study transportation safety. A simple look at the stats will show, in my opinion, that we have a very safe transportation department. Send a simple survey to parents and the community and I think the responses would be overwhelming to hear how drivers are constantly looking out for everyone's safety. Many are thankful for the driver who waits or has a call made to check a student got in the home safely, that they are community watchdogs who report unusual activities etc. Yes I may be bias as I am proud to be a driver for this district as is every driver. Check past gazette archives re: driver who reported woman in river & became of part of her being here today. I am sure responses would tell a lot of untold stories. I guess if they keep taking the public's money we will be volunteering our time to serve our district and transport precious cargo.

Anonymous said...

Who said he isn't taking his sick time and personal leave and/or vacation time? This is what I mean about people making assumptions. People on this site keep saying the board should do the right thing and make him take his sick time. How do they know he isn't doing that already?

Anonymous said...

Surely by all means he is taking his sick leave which is owed him

Anonymous said...

Right--like the board kept tabs on Davis's attendance. Like the board ever knows where it's treasurer is, who is the other direct employee of the district--or how much vacation time she's taken this year.

The treasurer felt comfortable enough with the boards lack of oversight of her that she kept her assistant on the payroll for months while she was serving as the treasurer at another district. And when the board found out about it they shrugged, "whatever...".

All I have to say is that the four dummies think they have their hands full with Smith? They're lucky I'm not on that board. I'd verbally tear each of them limb from limb in public, and often--phony "work session" policy changes or not. They'd continue to get torn a new one.

Anonymous said...

I as well am another supporter of Mrs. Smith. She is the only one who personally listens to my concerns. You hit it right on the head its time to get the word out to public not just on hear. Take your five minutes and speak at first public session of board meetings. Yes some of them might not do a thing, but he media is sitting there. It helps to give a copy of your speech to the media. Its time to get more of this in the local and olentangy valley news. It probably will be amazing how many people have non fiction stories to share and those who have studied the facts well and know what goes on inside the buildings.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is the case for the superintendent, but I am a former district employee. It says on your paystub how many sick/vacation days you have and how many you have used. Every time you are not there, you have to fill out a form...I believe this is electronic now...

Anonymous said...

8:21 AM

The audit trail for teachers is pretty simple because substitutes have to be engaged to back-fill absences. Who checks up on the treasurer--she's the board's employee and they don't care what she does (or, for that matter what she produces). Who really knows what the superintendent is doing (or would alert the board of any attendance abuses?).

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks to the new electronic system for taking sick/personal days put in for one get it denied and the next stub will show they took it anyway lol need to go back to the old way of handwritten paperwork but with careful observence and several contacts got mine back

Anonymous said...

Wade O has been employed by the district for 55 days as of Friday June 6, 2009. I don't believe leave balances transfer between they?

How much leave time can one earn in 55 days?

Does the Board see his time sheet and sign off on it..ever? If a maintenance worker at the bus barn had an unfortunate situation like this...I am pretty certain they would be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

If you are so bold, why don't you either run for the board or post your name when you say you would verbally tear the board limb from limb? And, more importantly, how would that actually accomplish anything productive if you think things aren't going well?

Anonymous said...

I cannot speak for Mr. Wade, but I know most employees get 1 1/4 day per month sick leave and 3 personal days per year. Not positive but sick leave probably does transfer.

I am proud to see so many responses under one posting and wonder if this has set a record
for responses.

For those all in support of Jennifer Smith I would strongly encourage you to send a letter of support through district email, therefore it goes in public file, and she will see the support behind her. Certainly has to be difficult for her to take and stand and put her family first.

Anonymous said...

That' exactly right; she puts HER family first. And that's the problem. She is supposed to be on the board to make policy for the benefit of the kids in the district, not her family. She is supposed to represent the students of the district in decisions, but she doesn't-- she makes decisions based on who voted for her, not based on everyone in the district who expects the board to represent them. Pathetic. Talk about a political agenda.

Anonymous said...


Brilliant political analysis!!!!!

"She is supposed to represent the students of the district in decisions,"....last time I had to be 18 to vote!

"she makes decisions based on who voted for her"....duh....maybe those are the parents of the non-voting kids who are tired of getting gouged every February/July...and continue to watch the Board spend like drunken sailors.

"Pathetic. Talk about a political agenda."

If making the district fiscally accountable is political...then you are correct. Smith has many young children who attend OLSD...I think she has the kids long-term interests at hand. Smith doesn't want to see what has happened in South Western and Worthington....she wants to present the public with a fiscally responsible levy package...not a threatening one!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, I misworded my statement, and I agree with the person who wrote after me. Mrs. Smith does take into consideration all of her FAMILY, that being the children of the district, the parents of the district who are very concerned about the spending and actions of others in the district. However, my personal experience has been when I have contacted all members of the Board, Mrs. Smith has always responded in a positive way and willing to listen and help. She is the only member who personally called me on more than one occasion. Recently I invited all Board members to attend an IEP meeting for my son. Who was the only person who responded personally, yes Mrs. Smith, and she could not be present due to young ones in her family. I am proud that she is able to balance her own personal life and the life of the district.

Why I seek others encouragement for her is because of the person in here who thinks she only looks out for her own family. If that were the case you would not see her at the meetings.

Yes some of the others have responded as such: they do not get involved in individual concerns or day to day operations, they do make the policies, but leaves it up to the Superintendent to enforce them.

Anonymous said...

6:48 (or should I just call you moron?)

"That' exactly right; she puts HER family first. And that's the problem. She is supposed to be on the board to make policy for the benefit of the kids in the district".

How does she put her family first by putting in umpteen hours per week studying the districts murky finances, dealing with award winning obstructionists to her right, and preparing for board meetings? I bet she puts in more hours than any administrator working for the district. I bet she puts in twice the time that her employee--the treasurer--puts in (we all know she understands the budgets better than she).

I bet Smith spends more time on board business in one week than the other four collectively spend on it in a month. She's selfish?

Tell does demanding accountability and fiscal discipline NOT benefit the kids in our district? How does demanding cost savings and efficiency NOT mean more investment opportunity for student programming? Obviously, you believe that providing NO accountability or fiscal discipline benefits the kids. Please explain that.

Let's go back to last spring: Smith proposed creating an IB program, bringing Chinese into the language curriculum, and increasing our computer science courses beyond the pathetic two that we offer--all in a single meeting. Julie Feasel mocked her with by comparing her ideas to "talking about the temperature of milk in the cafeteria". Dimon McFerson then retracted the boards promise to allow open discussion of ideas. At the next meeting Julie Feasel handed out flyers attacking Smith and brought 100 union members to denounce her as a "threat to the district".

Who is truly trying working for the kids? Her or YOU? Smith or the Losers to her right? The only constituency I see the four deadbrains on the board represent is the administrators.

You're an embarrassment. A real horse's ass.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to each and everyone of you, along with Mrs. Smith, who have volunteered countless hours to research the truth and to those who have spent their own money to obtain records. Oh if we got paid for our work we'd be on some great cruise talking about this and not on here. God bless each of you. Obviously from the number of responses, this has sparked a great interest.

Anonymous said...

6:48 (moron)

What is Smith's political agenda?

She has spent the last year being demeaned by other board members and stonewalled by administrators for public records.

She spends more time on board business--working for the community--than administrators making $150K salary/perks spend on their work.

That's going through a whole hell of a lot of aggravation for...what?
Surely, you know what her angle is--why don't you share it?

Anonymous said...

I would be the first to put signs in my yard to support Mrs. Smith for any political office she wishes to run for if she has a political office. GO MRS. SMITH.
The truth might be is that the politics are trying to bind us.
Have a great day everyone.