Monday, May 25, 2009

The Hallowed Halls of Orange High School

"Through these doors enter the world's BEST STAFF."

That's what is says over the entrance to Orange High School, so it must be true. The "world's best." Wow!

note: We obviously do not pay these folks enough.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if it feels good it is good right?

Anonymous said...

So...the staff had this made to aggrandize themselves...or, the staff paid for this to be made on behalf of some appreciative students...?

If the staff claim that everything they do is "all for the kids", then why does the story always come back to them?

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine the cringing look your boss would give you if you hanged a banner like from the ceiling over your group? Could you imagine the sour look your boss's boss would give him if he did that?

Why do district staff have this compulsion to self aggrandize? Is it an inferiority complex? Is it because they're in a school environment surrounded by kids all the time so they act like kids, themselves? Needy and immature, seeking acceptance and praise? I know Mark Raiffe fits that description. That guy has been in a state of arrested development since he was 15. Watching that guy around kids gives me the creeps.

Why is the behavior of district staff so unbecoming of (real) adults? They give our kids inappropriate things to study and to read--or they support those who do; they're now in the business of letting our kids take tests over and over until they pass. I wouldn't be surprised if their teachers yell, "Do-over!!!" when they hand out the re-tests.

It's like kids leading the kids. I don't get it. Someone please help me understand this pathology.

Anonymous said...

Mary Kay Letourneau. That says it all. There is an epidemic of school teachers who consider their students suitable as lovers. And it's old news. My fifth-grade teacher had tantrums and threw kids' lunch boxes around the room. We all know the many school teachers who act like children. They are immature.

Anonymous said...

You people are just bitter. The comments posted here are pathetic accusations with nothing to back them up. Pretty much par for the course on this blog.

From everything I've heard from kids who attend Orange and their parents this banner is pretty accurate.

Pretty much puts a crimp in that desire to close those failed public schools.

Anonymous said...


Orange hasn't been open for 1 year. There are no test remediation dropout rates...heck they can't even program the electric sign they paid extra for out front on Orange Road!

There are no statistics or history to support such a statement of fact.

What the banner should say is: "This building stands due to the generosity of our taxpayers who labor a heck of a lot harder then our well and sometimes overpaid teaching staff that hasn't proven their worth yet to deserve high recognition, such as a banner!"

Anonymous said...

11:49: Your comments are silly. The kids don't know beans and their parents are just rah-rah types, the same sort that sit on school boards and tell us our school employees are the best and our school is the best. "We're #1. We're #1." How ridiculous. Those kids must be like Garrett from
Grove City.

Anonymous said...

"You people are just bitter."

Well--yes. I'm bitter that my tax dollars are used to pick up the employee portion of retirement for dozens of people. What does this outrageously generous benefit cost us? If it costs less than $500K-$600K per year I'd be surprised.

I'm bitter that people are compensated so much who contribute so little--and this goes down to the individual teacher level. Low pay? Please... When you factor in the fact that they pay virtually nothing for their healthcare, don't pay social security, work less than six hours per day--and 9 months out of the year--they're compensated very, very well. To boot they DO get average yearly increases of over 6%. This is fact. That they often retire in their fifties says it all.

I have nothing against teachers, per se. It's the lionizing of teachers as a vaunted class that irks me. It's the endless and erroneous propaganda of unfairly low pay that irks me.

We see stories in the papers of "caring" and "heroic" teachers--but hardly anything on, say, medical researchers who have made real and profound contributions to humanity who don't have their retirement "picked up" by the taxpayers; who don't have 6 hour per day/ 9 month per year jobs making excellent money for what they do. These are people who scour the country for grants and often live like nomads chasing them, with PhDs often making less than $50K per year.

Do I feel sorry for these folks? Absolutely not. They entered into their fields under their own volition, and don't seek fame or fortune--or beg for gratitude, unlike our school district employees.

They don't do for "the kids". The do for humanity, but you'll never hear that dogma come from their mouths.

Anonymous said...

5:41 - You are right, the kids and parents who interact with this staff every day would not have a clue as to how good they are doing their jobs.

But a small number of malcontents who sit around all day dreaming of government conspiracies and hanging on every word of Jim Fedako know exactly what is going on. Of course no facts are needed because you just know it has to be.

Anonymous said...

There have been plenty of facts given out at this blog just as there have been thousands of facts presented by researchers through the years. But most people refuse those facts.

Anonymous said...


The facts are there. You just need to look at the OBoR's and the districts own stats on Remediation and Completion rates, and AP--hello?

Or, are you just one of those clueless parents or students who don't know just how bad a job our staff is doing?

Anonymous said...

to person who says we are just bitter persons i am glad you feel otherwise i am sure most statements have documentation you have no clue of-most people are totally unaware of the fact you can access any public document you want and especially that of your child and that any communication between any school employee is there and the internal email etc chat might surprise you