Friday, May 01, 2009

What?!? Pat Tiberi is a moderate!

According to the Washington Post, Tiberi is a proud moderate. In today's terms, that makes him a Specter Republican. In yesterday's terms, he is a social democrat at best, and likely closet fascist.

According to the
Tuesday Group website, Tiberi has a track record of trashing the Constitution:
Congressman Pat Tiberi (Ohio)

During Congressman Pat Tiberi's eight years in the Ohio House of Representatives (1993-2000) he rose to the position of Majority Leader. He has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable Members of Congress on housing and home ownership issues. Congressman Tiberi serves on the Ways and Means Committee that oversees wide-ranging issues like taxes, Social Security, Medicare, trade and healthcare. Most recently, he authored legislation creating a DNA database to track violent criminals, established comprehensive lawsuit abuse reform, required performance audits of Ohio's 21 urban school districts, protected seniors from financial con artists and initiated nursing home consumer report cards. Tiberi also proposed bills that offered state income tax credits for charitable contributions and reformed Ohio's "death" or estate tax.

The Washington Times article:
House GOP Moderates Dismayed by Specter Move, But Won't Follow Suit
By Ben Pershing

House Republican moderates call themselves the "
Tuesday Group" because of their meeting schedule, and so it was that the dwindling band happened to get together for their weekly gathering yesterday at noon, at the exact moment a fellow centrist, Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), was announcing his defection from the GOP to become a Democrat.

What was the reaction to the news inside the room?

"Generally it's a mixed bag," said Rep.
Mike Castle (Del.) a leader among House GOP moderates. "There are people who feel it's treasonous to change political parties. ... It's very self-serving."

"It wasn't a shock," said Rep.
Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio), who also attended the moderates' meeting. "I think most people look at it for what it is -- survivability by Specter."

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