Friday, May 08, 2009

Tommy Thompson bets my tax dollars on flying pigs

The Delaware County Political Reporter sure sounds like the inside scoop. In fact, it appears the "reporter" is a county employee -- based on the continual defense of county employees over logic.

Now, I still am not convinced that Ken O'Brien is a small tax guy ... but ...

Fellow commissioner Tommy Thompson is convinced that the economy is on the rebound, so it's time to spend, spend, spend.

O'Brien says, "No." But Thompson goes on the offensive. He is convinced that this is not the time for austerity, it's time to slop the pigs some more. Amazing.

The reporter calls O'Brien "Chicken Little." If that's the case, then Thompson is the political hack betting that pigs will fly.

note: The reporter does not like anyone squeezing county employees. Squeeze the taxpayer? Sure. Just not public employees.

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