Saturday, May 23, 2009

The End-Product of all those Tax Dollars

Here is the end-product of all those tax dollars spent on government education. To summarize Garrette Crane's manifesto: Democracy is defined as the political means to exact benefits at the expense of others.

Crane is not saying that he, or his brothers, are willing to fund their beloved activities. No, those activities are not worth that much to them. But, if all it takes is the time to write a letter and vote, Crane will gladly lift money from his neighbor's wallet. This he calls democracy.

And this is the end-product of some $120,000 -- money spent "educating" Crane on the benefits of socialized costs and personal benefits.

Way to go Crane! Way to go South-Western City Schools! Way to go government-run education!

note: You have to read the whole letter, this guy is a piece of work.

A Dispatch Online Letter to the Editor

Failed levy

If you are an enfeebled individual living on a fixed income who has had to choose between buying food and purchasing medication, I have no quarrel with you. If you are involuntarily unemployed and the bills are piling up, I have no quarrel with you. If you have some extreme financial circumstance in which you have no luxuries to sacrifice, I have no quarrel with you. However, if you have a job, have no outstanding debt, or live at home with your parents and voted "no" for the South-Western City Schools levy, you have angered me.

It has been over five years since the last time I was angry. I do not get angry very easily. There are many reasons why I feel this way. First, you obviously do not know how to evaluate the consequences of your actions. One reason that you probably voted "no" was that you felt that it would cost too much. If you, you fit into one of two categories. If you rent your residence, you are the acme of ignorance. You exemplify the greatest problem with a democracy. If you would have made the effort to read the issue, not do any research, just read the issue printed on the ballot, you would have noticed that it is a PROPERTY tax levy. You rent your residence, and therefore do NOT own property, and would therefore NOT pay any increase in PROPERTY taxes. While the tax would increase for the owner of the building you are renting, the increase would be dispersed throughout all of the residences, and would therefore be evenly distributed and less noticeable. Chances are the property was not that valuable in the first place. It is not like there is ocean-front property in Grove City (maybe in Dublin?).

The second category that you may fall into is someone who owns property, but does not want to pay any more money in taxes. Your decision to vote "no" is totally counterintuitive. You want to save money, yet you advocate collapsing the value of the property you own. By making it so there are no extracurricular activities, co-curricular, busing within two miles of the schools, or advanced classes, you have made it so the only people that would be interested in purchasing a home in the South Western City Schools district would have to be single with no children, elderly with no children, or families that do not have children attending school in the district. By severely restricting your real estate market, you have hurt yourself more than anyone else.

After reviewing the financial aspects of this tragedy, another category of "no voter" that you may fall into would be someone who voted against the levy because you feel that the school corporation spends its money irresponsibly. South-Western City Schools has one of the lowest individual student cost expenditures in the state. I do not know how they could spend money irresponsibly and yet offer such a diverse curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, if you do not like the system used to fund schools, what have you done to change it? I will bet my diploma that you have not visited the office of your state representative/senator/congressman to express your concern. I would bet $100 that you have not sent a letter, and would also guess that you have not called them or sent them an email either. Perhaps you view voting "no" as a means of seeking vengeance for this unfair system, trying to 'teach them a lesson.' It is not fair or reasonable to seek vengeance at the expense of children and yourself. Your sadistic and masochistic behavior has no place in civilized society. I do think that the administration needs to make more reductions of the administrative personnel, but drastic reductions to their staff would not be enough to generate the money needed. It is cowardly to hide behind such an inadequate excuse.

I read an interesting letter to the editor earlier this week. The author titled his work, "Sports, Band Do Not Matter." In this letter, the author states that he has not been asked during any of his job interviews what sports he played or what instrument he played in band. This logic is comically absurd. I can not think of a job that does not want their employees to be punctual, self-motivated, determined, teamworkers, or dedicated. I also can not think of a sport or extracurricular activity that does not develop these characteristics. It is true that the sports themselves do not matter, but the lessons that sports teach are critical to individual development. I understand that the economy is bad, but maybe if he took sports more seriously, he would not have to be in so many job

I really do not think you have examined the consequences of your vote. You clearly do not understand the consequences of your actions. Another reason why you have damned the children and yourself is because of the non-extracurricular cuts that are going to be made. I played football for Grove City High School, and I can guarantee you that there were people on the team that earned passing grades only so they could be eligible for football. By removing ECA's, you are removing an extremely powerful extrinsic motivator. When you remove the motivation for students to get good grades, their grades slip. When grades slip, the demand for tutoring increases. However, the cuts to the operating budget force the schools to open later and close earlier. This makes tutoring impossible outside of the classroom, making it so not all of the students that need tutoring will receive it. When their grades fall even lower, schools will not be able to make their Average Yearly Progress requirements, which then the school corporation becomes in violation of No Child Left Behind. Going back to what I mentioned earlier, how do you expect to sell your home with a school that has nothing to offer its students and is in violation of federal law? For your sake, I hope you come up with something creative.

Finally, I find myself to be somewhat conflicted about my hopes for your fate. I consider myself to be a merciful person, but a fair and just person as well. On one hand, I do not want you to suffer for your actions. I do not want you to feel the heartache and suffering you are causing. My family is literally splitting up in response to this catastrophe. Next school year, I will (most likely) have one brother attending Grove City High School. He will not be participating in band, an activity that he loves dearly and he hopes to make a career out of. I will have another brother attending a different high school somewhere in either central Ohio, or at our previous home in central Indiana. He is a division 1A football recruit who is being heavily pursued by the University of Iowa, the University of Kansas, Wisconsin, Bowling Green, Indiana, Michigan State, Louisville, and a litany of other great schools. You are destroying the dreams of my parents to see their two children play on the same field for one of the best bands and one of the best football programs. This year was supposed to be the pinnacle of my brothers' youth, and you have robbed them.

But on the other hand, I want justice to be served. With thousands of children running amok on Friday nights, they are going to have to do something to pass the time. I do not want you to have to scrub spray paint off of your garage. I do not want you to cut your feet on broken liquor bottles that are strewn about your yard. I do not want you to be mugged while walking down the street. I do not want your children, assuming you have them, to have to attend school at an intellectual, social, and ethical wasteland. But such are the consequences of your decision.

Garrett Crane, Grove City


Anonymous said...

If I weren't so infuriated by this punk's letter I'd have to laugh at his impertinence. What a spoiled, rotten brat his parents have reared.

Anonymous said...

So...his district should spend millions on athletics in order for a few jocks to have a reason to earn passing grades.

Anonymous said...

I'd type more, but mama always said, "If you don't have anything good to say...."

This punk is a total socialist free loader. Hey Garit, get a job and pay your own way. Take responsibility for your own desires/demands.