Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Shadow Government

Sure, there are the local schools wasting your tax dollars. But there are other school-related organizations that stay below the radar and also waste your tax dollars -- and lots of it.

Consider the Delaware Area Career Center. The last time I checked, DACC was spending more than $30K per pupil. No, that is not a misprint. It's insane, but correct all the same. You say, "How could that be?" I say, "Check out the list of DACC board members for the clue."

Then there is the
Educational Service Center of Central Ohio (serving Olentangy). Here is an organization that list 84 central office staff members, including a superintendent, treasurer, 7 assistant or deputy superintendents and 9 directors. Does anyone work there?[1]

In addition to DACC and ESCCO, there are other school organizations that no one really knows about. Consider the
Metropolitan Educational Council. Here is an organization run by former school administrators making ... anyone's guess. You can be certain that the salaries are significant and the end-product wanting.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Trust me, there are more leeches in this very deep and murky swamp.


[1] I know, I know, ESCCO hires staff for participating districts, as well as its own programs. But most of the staff are managed by the employing district, not the ESCCO.


Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhh team....the aging startlet, Pom Pom Meider has a seedy shadow career (like many washed up actors). the real world...we call this a conflict of interest. In government education this appears to be a way of life.

Oh...and isn't Mr. Bell the spouse of Ms. Dorn-Bell (the former OLSD and NAPLSD Communications czar who now works for Avakian...who sucks our tax money out to help the district suck more tax out of us)? And isn't Mr. Bell on the OLSD finance committee?

When will it stop? How does one become a board member of the DCCC? I can't imagine the electorate is that ignorant!

Anonymous said...

love the article in my experience there was a homebound instructor amazingly employed by the district as a sub and dictated by pupil services to me what time he would appear when i called esco they had no record mr. fedaka please inform mrs. griffin of this money and ask again why the district again today said no no no to marburn unless i let their school psychologist do testing to let the district tap into a new found state fund no i will let marburn deal with this

Anonymous said...

Jim says it perfectly: "The system is incestuous".

It is. How many OLSD administrators came from the outside? Except for, logically, the finance staff I can think of only one other. Mike Nicholson came from Battelle.

Aside from he, hey're all from the inside. They're all former teachers who moved up through their personal associations with their superintendents. From what I understand Jenny Hooie's dad was a close friend of Bill Reimer. She went from--what--a Second Grade teacher to central office to head up Primary Curriculum? Yeah--she was perfectly qualified: she was the daughter of the boss's friend. And we all know that Davis had his favorites...(some are neighbors--hello?).

These administrators are all cut from the same cloth like a incestuous family line.

And we wonder why there is no diversity of thought; no dissent; no creativity. It's a completely homogeneous tribe.

I laugh whenever I hear "we need to attract and retain talented administrators". That infers that administrators were hired during a competitive process; that we "hired" talent--when we really know better. How do we know a OLSD administrator's quality if he was never benchmarked against the highest caliber candidate in an open, competitive application process? Jeff Brown seems like a nice guy--and he was obviously a fave of Davis, otherwise how could that half wit have EVER competed successfully for the positions he's been given. Let's face it--the guy is a dolt and would survive less than a month in the private sector. His probable value product in the private sector is likely worth 1/4 of the salary he makes today.

From here OLSD looks like the mountains of West Virginia.

Jim Fedako said...

10:08 --

Your board appointed Meider to the DACC board. Why? Because of her history of doing right by the taxpayer? Or because she need the extra money? Your guess.

jpip said...

i would be interested in learning the actual costs for students at the horse farm (kessler farms),ventures academy, and rockbridge, & marburn academy by the district. How many of these have current or past ties with district members. It appears at least at one time dimon mcpherson was on the board of trustees of marburn not sure if still is