Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Marc Schare is beaten at the polls in Worthington

Looks like 60% of Worthington voters aren't buying Schare's tales of financial woe. What next? Wanna bet Schare votes to return his levy to the voters in November? Spending is an addiction, even for the fiscally deluded.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the next course of action will be to "schare" the parents and students with the following cuts:

1) Busing
2) Sports
3) Other Extra Curriculars
4) Increased Class Sizes
5) Access to Tax Payer Funded Buildings/Facilities/Grounds
6) New Books
7) Anything else that has a negative impact on students (Remember, it's all for the kids!)

On the heals of all this nonsense, they'll vote to approve 15% pay raises and 10% tax deferred annuities for the administrators.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 11:10

How did you get access to the top secret course of action playbook?

Anonymous said...

Nice post, 11:10 PM anonymous. Like Olentangy, to "Faciliate Maximum Learning for Every Student" does not include actually getting the kids to school. I'm speaking of busing cuts of course. It's more important to provide extravagant, automatic yearly raises to district employees while the rest of us get no salary increases.

Proposed cuts due to levy failure are painful to kids and parents by design in every district. It promotes levy passage. It's nice to see Worthington grow some you-know-whats and stand up to these threats.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the Worthington levy failed is because the Community decided to not give the district funds to buy Red iPod Shuffles.

Anonymous said...

I seldom listen to WTVN's afternoon blatherer, John Corby, but I heard a few callers yesterday because the topic was school taxes/levies. I was pleased to hear some callers who had wised up to the tricks of the government school parasites. They nailed the manipulators on a number of their scams. But there were also some callers (many with school connections, I'm sure) who were using all the tired propaganda on the listeners. Too bad it takes a Depression for people to stop being blackmailed by government school lies.