Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Socialization of Liberty

The Liberty Voice is a local paper that claims this as its mission: We seek the truth and Constitutional restoration. Yet, in reality, Sherry Clark, publisher, conflates the US Constitution with her beloved Communist Manifesto. How else can she explain her adoration for Obama, Robinson, and policies of redistribution?

Clark, who tends to dress up in tricorne and Patriot garb, has a view of Liberty that is the antithesis of that penned by Thomas Paine and others. Sadly, a number of folks have been fooled by Clark's supposed principled views. Do not get taking in by her corrupted liberty, it is nothing less than class envy.

Run, and don't look back.


Anonymous said...

I can't figure her or her paper out. She's ecstatic about Marxist Obama being given power and disregards all the corruption associated with him in this campaign and election. She publishes something about Zbig Brother and ignores that Zbig is connected to Obama. She pretends to value Liberty but promotes Socialists and Marxists. She's a very confused person. Perhaps it's just rebellion that fires her up.

Anonymous said...

A wolf in sheeps skin is still a wolf!

Anonymous said...

If you believe Obama is a Marxist, you either don't know what a Marxist is or you have not bothered to study Obama's policy positions. It may make you feel good to repeat the campaign rhetoric but it really makes you look the fool.

liberty belle said...

It is interesting that by merely posting the words of our President-Elect, Barack Obama, you suppose that I am "ecstatic" about his views. As to "her beloved Communist Manifesto" well, I've never even held it in my hands--I've never read it. I also never endorsed Obama--completely ignoring his campaign altogether. As to my seeming support of Robinson, this is also a farce. I was merely opposed to Tiberi's re-election and his record of endorsing a redistribution of wealth and other Constitutional violations--viewing Robinson as an honest alternative. Unfortunately, we may never know what Robinson may have done in Congress.

If you want to "figure [me] out" why don't you try asking me, or better yet, read my paper. Furthermore, if I hold views that are as you say, "the antithesis of that penned by Thomas Paine and others" then why have I published Paine's and the Founding Fathers' writings in my paper? Have you accused other newspapers and their publishers of the same harsh (uninformed--or perhaps disingenuous) judgment? When have other papers printed the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? When have these papers reminded the people of the historical writings of patriots such as Paine by reprinting them?

Who then, pray-tell is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Jim Fedako said...

Collectivist Belle:

Maybe you don’t understand the concept of liberty, but simply quoting Paine and others while peddling socialist nonsense does not make you a Patriot.

And, yes, I have read you paper and website. And, yes, you actively supported Obama, Robinson, and just about every leftist ideal.

Read about liberty and compare that to your beliefs.

By the way, The Dispatch, et al, does not claim to support liberty.

liberty belle said...

Actually, it's Liberty Belle. Do not use derogatory language or I will not be able to respond in the future.

Please cite your claims with an article in which The Liberty Voice supported Obama.

Jim Fedako said...

Look, you have no sense of the concept of liberty, though you do have perfect pitch when singing leftist nonsense.

Please note that my misguided friends over at reserve a page for Paine. So quoting Paine does not equate with liberty.

Spend some time on or Read Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe, etc.

Anonymous said... you can't cite the source of your ill-founded accusations about me?

Interesting that you fail to mention that the LEAD STORY of the October/November edition of The Liberty Voice was on the failed policies of the bailout--a bailout Obama supported. If I were socialist as you claim, wouldn't I have also supported such legislation?

Also, have you read the paper's articles about how the CIA employs writers and pundits to demonize peace activists and Constitution-restoration activists--filling our newspapers and cyberspace with nonsense very, very much like yours?

If you do read my paper as you claim, perhaps you should work diligently on your reading comprehension skills.

Jim Fedako said...

1:13 --

" you can't cite the source of your ill-founded accusations about me?"

You are the source. What more do I need?

I believe you believe what you say you believe. I believe you believe you speak for liberty. But your beliefs are not truth.

You do not speak for liberty -- I really don't think you have a clue what liberty is truly about.

You brand of liberty is leftist nonsense. Nothing more, nothing less.

You want your brand of a socialist, collectivist state to run the show.

By the way: Last I read, the KGB didn't like the CIA either.

liberty belle said...

OF course I say what I believe. So cite even one of my quotes on-air, or from my blog or my newspaper where I lent support to Obama or any socialist view whatsoever. the only socialist that I do reference is Jesus Christ--but that is due primarily to his teachings of love and forgiveness.

This morning on the Blue-State Diner with host, Michael Alwood, I (again) stood up for my views--sharing my suspicion of Obama for not only his voting record but also his un-American policies and appointments.

If you continue to provide no citations, then please revise your ill-founded accusations.

Jim Fedako said...

Collectivist Belle --

I refuse to use liberty as part of your name.

First you corrupt liberty, now you corrupt the teachings of Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount.

You just don't get it.

laura said...

You will appreciate my recent post on this subject: