Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Reign of Terror Begins

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The Reign of Terror Begins

Jim Fedako

I'm slowly coming out of my post-election blues, all thanks to NPR. Why? Well it appears that the victors are already turning on themselves. That's right, the Reign of Terror has begun, with each radical faction accusing all others of being enemies of the revolution. And, to think, the Terror erupted before any power was transferred.

Where the Republicans tend to coalesce around the power of the president, the Democrats tend to feed on themselves. The hailed change - the end to divisive politics - is now just another slogan lost on the campaign trail.

I expect to see the radicals push agendas that even the left-leaning Democrats cannot stomach. The Terror will be nasty and short, with a Themidorian Reaction to follow.

In the end, we will have moved farther along the path toward total state control. But only by steps, not by my once-feared great-leap forward.

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Anonymous said...

Not so fast: Obama's pick for Chief of Staff is his firewall against the whackjobs in the House and their agenda. True, the Leftists in the House are sympatico with Obama ideologically, but their priorities are not his. House Democrats want to begin pushing through pet bills like the Fairness Doctrine that Obama couldn't really care less about at this point. True, Pelosi controls the legislative docket, but that's where Rahm Emanuel comes in.

As the wildly successful chair of the DCCC (the fundraising and campaign control center for House Democrats) House Democrats owe their majority status to Rahm Emanuel (who also personally recruited dozens elected in the last two cycles) and not Nancy Pelosi--and he's got the balls to tell both she and Harry Reid where they can stick their demands.

The real fireworks will be on the GOP side. We already saw Roy Blunt and other Party leaders step down, but Dan Lundgren is challenging Boehner for Minority Leader, and that's just the beginning. There's an ideological purge that's going to begin in the next few months and--to your liking--House Republicans will adopt a platform and legislative agenda that will look more like Ron Paul's than George Bush's.