Wednesday, November 05, 2008

From Fascism to Socialism in a Bloodless Coup

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From Fascism to Socialism in a Bloodless Coup

Jim Fedako

The only redeeming feature of our political process is that we peacefully accomplished an ideological shift -- a coup of sorts -- that in almost every other instance led to blood in the streets. Of course, the shift is mere window dressing as both McCain and Obama stand for big government, big wars, and big deficits. The only difference between their respective agendas being which group of Americans loses through wealth redistribution and which Third World country watches their women and children suffer and die due to our foreign policy.

Actually, it is ironic. In just about every other country, in just about every other time, the only way an evil, crazed radical took the reigns of power was through bloodshed and intrigue. Not here, though. We did it to ourselves in the reflexive ritual we call democracy. I'm certain that Gramsci is cheering from his Italian grave.

Say good night to the family, the church, and every other institution that made this nation great so many years ago. Our epitaph is: We did it to ourselves.

Good night!

On the local scene: It appears that most local tax levies passed in my area. Amazingly, while the private sector is contracting, the public sector is growing. It seems that Michelle Obama is right: in order to serve your community, you must work for government. Too bad for those of us who remain in the private sector -- stooped in our rice fields, weighed down by the yoke of taxation. Again, we did it to ourselves.

Note: My sadness would have been the same had the election gone the other way. My bright spot is the opportunity to introduce new folks to Liberty. What else will we have to talk about in the two-hour soup line?

Finally: You know your local teachers are cheering the result -- their utopia is about to arrive.


Mike said...

My wife is a local teacher in the government schools. She is not happy.

I cannot divine whether we are on a German National Socialist like road to perdition or an Argentine Peronista road. Both roads are grim. One is bloodier.

Anonymous said...

People love to pay more taxes. When they lose their homes they still will pass taxes. When will people get that passing taxes is not helping the kids, it is helping the teachers pocket book.

Anonymous said...

Melodrama doesn't befit you

It's a shame that the majority of Americans disappoint you so. Maybe you should look in the mirror and assess if it is really the bulk of Americans that are so wrong in their thinking.

Anonymous said...

How does someone who doesn't own property get to vote to tax a property owner? Levies should only be voted on by property owners. It's only fair.

Luther said...

How does someone who doesn't pay income tax get to vote against lowering income taxes?

Luther said...

How can I, in good conscience, take the tax credits I'm offered when all that does is transfer the burden to someone who doesn't "qualify" for those credits? Its immoral, right? Oof, my tax bill is gonna suck this year...

Jim Fedako said...

8:45 --

Thanks for the comments. I was afraid that the socialist syncophants would be too tired to comment. You proved me wrong.

Anonymous said...

8:45 ... "A majority of Americans...."

The old "Majority is might!" theory raises its' ugly head again.

If a majority of American's jumped from the Bay Bridge, would that make it the right thing to do?

You are a lemming.

Anonymous said...

The "majority": you mean like an angry mob? Or a big crowd of dopes at a rock concert, waving their Bics around in the air, or a stadium full of football fans yelling, screaming, doing the wave and going wild? Or even a huge gathering at a Promise Keepers event, following their leader and putting their reasoning in idle?
Or a Democracy/Mob Rule in which the masses are controlled and manipulated through the mass media, training in government institutions like schools, and that overpowering need that so many have to be just like everybody else and feel the comfort of the crowd? That comforted feeling of doing/being like the masses seems to be a necessity for so many. It's not pleasant to go it alone, take an unpopular view, not go along with the herd. One of the useful things about government schools is that they train all the population to crave the group and its approval. Anybody who thinks back to being in school remembers they were either "popular", "unpopular", or "trying to be popular". As a fifth-grader, way back in the late fifties, the government school was already having "school dances" that kids of 10 and 11 were agonizing over, girls crying around because some boy had not asked them to that dance. Valentine's Day parties in the classroom at which records were played and fifth-graders slow-danced together. Status was based on which students were deemed popular and fashionable and attractive and who the opposite sex found attractive (today, it could be the same sex). If you were good in sports you had cache. If you had a nice wardrobe you had an advantage. Most adults continue judging the world in the same way that they did as children in government schools. They vote for people based on asinine reasons. Especially, now, with what a politician says he'll give them. If someone can be labeled a "kook", "conspiracy theorist" that's all it takes to close the minds of the lemmings.