Friday, November 07, 2008

A Music Lesson: Understanding New Wave

YouTube is a wonderful resource for information. Like everything on the internet, be careful. But there are many gems to be found.

I was trying to explain the driving force behind New Wave music to my older children. The following two videos provided enough of an explanation. The first is from Emerson Lake and Palmer. It opens with a virtuoso piano solo by Keith Emerson. The second is from a German New Wave band that features a keyboard solo of sorts (starting at 1:40). Simply state that New Wave was a rebellion against the sometimes over-the-top style of many 70's rock groups and then watch the videos. Enough said.

note: By the way, I don't think Emerson was over-the-top. In fact, he was right on the mark.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting improvisation as Emerson moved from jazz to ragtime to contemporary classical. It was hearing Oscar Peterson morph into Scott Joplin into Aaron Copland.

Poor Greg Lake just gave up trying to play along with Emerson and Palmer. You see him just start laughing as he stops strumming his bass (yes, he had to actually strum his bass to try to keep up).

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Da Da Da...what Eurotrash!

But if you really want to see some cheesy keyboard then query "keytar" in YouTube.