Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's all my fault

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It's all my fault

Jim Fedako

I'm late, and I'm sorry. My only excuse is that The Columbus Dispatch printed Thomas Friedman's "Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" today, two days after it was originally published. Still, I should have known better.

According to Friedman, in order to save the economy there is one thing that we "must do right now: go shopping." Since now was Sunday, I'm dreadfully late. And it gets even worse -- I do not plan to shop within the next eight days. Gee, I certainly hope my waiting until Black Friday doesn't sink the Friedmanian boat, so to speak.

For the "bah, humbug" types, Friedman notes that we must also save. But we only save after the Bush economic team "turns off the green light and [tells] people to 'go save.'"

Got that? After the green light is off. Until then, max out the credit cards and save the economy. And do it now!

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