Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tiberi v.Taft

Dear Editor:

The Republican Party has drifted a long way from the ideals of Sen. Robert "Mr. Republican" Taft. The party that once stood for small government is now leading the charge toward a command economy, putting forward economic and social plans that are reminiscent of Italy in the 1920's.

No longer is the debate between the party of big government and paternalism and the party of small government and the individual. The debate is now over which party can increase the size of government fastest. And Congressman Pat Tiberi is a leading the charge.

In his latest Capital Notebook email, Tiberi proposes that the federal government create a comprehensive energy plan. Since when was government the solution for anything? Didn't Reagan demolish that idea almost three decades ago?

What's worse, Tiberi resorts to paternalist nonsense in order to convey a message that only government -- and Tiberi, of course -- can solve the problems that continually befall a world subject to scarcity. There is nothing worse than an elected official talking down to his constituents.

I'd vote for any other horse in the barn before I voted for a politician who believes that we are sheep in need of his guidance. Liberty made this country great. Not the pandering blather from those seeking reelection.

Jim Fedako

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