Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey OFK, You lied about the levy, and you knew it!

Just like Olentangy, Hilliard schools threatened to close its schools to the public if its upcoming levy fails. The superintendent said he had legal authority to close them. Then, under pressure, he backed away.

But you -- OFK folks -- lied without regard to your family, friends, and neighbors. And folks wonder why credibility is in short supply these days. Lying to get what you want is unethical, immoral, and childish. Fitting attributes for this incarnation of OFK.

note: Of course, the superintendent, administration, and board lied -- that is their MO.


Taxpayer of 3 said...

Hey OFK about being being pawns for the district....the forecasted budget for this year was $129m...hence a $2m shortfall that ol' Scottie and his Cabinet(read Board) required the levy to save buses and librarians!!!!!

“Unfortunately, just as we did in 2004 with the last operating levy issue, we must have this discussion and approve a list,” stated Teri Meider, school board president. “The state requires that we either pass an operating levy or submit a contingency plan in the event of levy failure. Voters are entitled to know the consequences so that they can make an informed decision.”

Hey Teri...if you actually looked at the budget, you might have seen the ruse coming.

Tuesday night, the Board approved the budget for this year....$123m.

Now even using the goofy "Everyday Math", that allows for a $3m surplus this year and no need to increase my taxes by $267.05 on my "$100,000" house.

Anonymous said...

Lied about what? Prove it.

Anonymous said...

Teri Meider's a dope! Why is she even on the board? She's useless and doesn't want to work for the district. All she talks about is how "this policy has served the board well for more than 6 years."

HEY MEIDER.... it's 2008 and the district isn't the same size nor does it have the same needs as it did in 2002. GET A CLUE!

Anonymous said...

The school district has always underperformed its budgets. That is why they have been able to stretch 3 year levies to 4 or 5.

But, hindsight is so much better than foresight. It is very difficult to predict the future accurately and be right all the time. The prudent path is to be conservative and make sure you plan adequately. There is a big difference in being wrong and having slightly (5%) too much money than not enough. I think being within 5% is pretty good.

I can imagine the posts you would make if they scrimped on a budget and overran it.

Once again, the Board can do no good in the eye of Jim.

Anonymous said...

2:54 ....

Here's a thought... let us keep our money for a year since the district doesn't need it. Defer the tax levy until January, 2010. That would be the prudent thing to do since the increased tax revenues aren't needed.

The district has stated that they won't ask for money unless they need it. Here's a great opportunity for them to keep their word. I'm certain it would yield significant benefits to the district when they ask voters to approve the next levy in 4 years.

What they shouldn't do is 1) Take our money. 2) Run 4 years until they ask for the next levy. 3) Claim they made the last levy last 4 years instead of the planned 3 years due to excellent fiscal responsibility. 4) Threaten us if we don't pass the levy.

My two cents,


Taxpayer of 3 said...


You are right...I would be all over you..I mean the Admin for going over the budget.

Point don't have to scrimp, you need to manage a well executed financial plan, which they don't have. This budget of $123m is less than forecast even after oil prices skyrocketed...and still padded.

Every line item needs to be reviewed and justified. That's how a real world business works. When an employees wants to buy an Ipod, they better have a justification and operational need for such a request. When an school district administrative employee gets a $600 a month car should be justified and not hidden in a a continuing education budget. Wants vs needs, it is quite simple.

Time to get a CFO(treasurer) that knows what they are doing with over $125m...this one is in way over her head!!! Maybe a professional,independent audit would bring more light to the situation. The state auditors are so green, you can pull anything past them!

Taxpayer of 3 said...


Your 2 cents are worth $2million shortfall....great idea!

Hey Board Members....feel free to steal Ralph's can't come up with many of your own...Smith excepted!

Anonymous said...

2:54PM Julie,

Nice post about the district always underperforming its budgets. I hope this year is no different. But the issue is not spending under budget: the issue is the budget coming in $6 Million under what was forcaseted just 10 months ago! $6M less when student enrollment has surpassed projections. Does this make ANY sense to you? I'm sure it does, so please explain it.

Anonymous said...

Only someone who had a frontal lobe lobotomy can make sense out of how the district budgets.

Next time I go to a board meeting I'll examine the members' foreheads closely for scars.