Tuesday, August 26, 2008

News Dispatch: Olentangy ranks 71st in the state, based on performance

That's right, Olentangy ranks 71st in the state, based on the state's performance index.

So, as I have asked time and time again, how does a district take students who are in the top 15 districts based on demographics, return these results, and then have the nerve to say that the district is high-performing? How? By not caring about anything other than the next salary increases and requisite levy.

Hey Olentangy: To be high-performing you have to achieve above expectation. Achieving below expectation year after year is the definition of low performing. Got that?


Anonymous said...

There was only one other school district that came close to Olentangy's enrollment.

Would you like to compare cost per pupil? We might be in the top 15 on demographics but I'll guarantee we are not in the top 15 in cost per pupil.

I'm sure Olentangy wants to work to raise the rating even more but 71st isn't that bad when you look at the list of schools. New Albany is 69, Dublin 41, Bexley 52, Grand View Hts 35 and Granville 29. We are not in bad company.

But then nothing except the schools disappearing is good enough for you.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. Because I make a million dollars my kid is a genious? Is that what you're saying? That our demographics mean our kids will automatically perform well?
That is a fairly simplistic analysis.
By the way, ranking 71st out of 617 school districts puts OLSD in the top 11.5%. But of course, we could be first and you would still find fault. Next year we could rise to 50th and you would say we should be 25th.
You simply will not admit that there is a shred of good that goes on in this district.
How narrowminded.

Jim Fedako said...

9:06 --

You bonehead. The district ranked in the 70's a decade ago. No improvement whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it last year that you said that Olentangy ranked 83rd in the state????

Anonymous said...

From your post on Sunday December 10, 2006 speaking on Olentangy's Mediocrity when looking at the PI:

"So, what does the PI show? Olentangy is ranked 100th out of the state on this indicator of student outcome."

So...you are saying that our jump from 100th to 71st in two years makes Olentangy Mediocre? An improvement of 29 places? Holy crap! I think that's a great improvement! But...I guess you don't see improvement as a good thing.

Also, you can't compare anything from back in the 70's. Standards are totally different from back then and much more difficult. Plus Olentangy serves way more students now. Don't you ever give up?

Look at your previous posts before you bash the district!

Jim Fedako said...

Sounds about right. The district has had some horrible years -- but it has never been high-performing based on demographics.

The data is all available on ODE's website.

Jim Fedako said...

2:01 --

Try reading for comprehension next time.

I wrote: The district ranked in the 70's a decade ago.

A decade ago is 1998, not 1975.

The district has NOT improved in 10 years. Sure it got worse for a while -- and it may get worse again, but it has shown no improvement despite all the new tax money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the district has more tax money, but it also has thousands more students, thus the need for the money. The fact that it hasn't had a major backslide in achiedvement while trying to keep up with everyone moving into the district should say something positive, shouldn't it? Virtually no other district in the country is experiencing this type of growth, so we really have no apples to apples comparison in terms of achievement growth or stagnation. It isn't so easy just to "improve" like that when the students are coming from all over.
I find it interesting that you ignore the posts that use your own figures against you. Why is that?

Anonymous said...


Ok...I concede your point about the 70's as I was reading fast and it caught my eye. But...lets not be rude. You have a tendency of being rude to people....no wonder why people ultimately don't listen to what you have to say and a levy that was not needed for another year passed!!! People don't want to be associated with your ignorance and spin!!! How about you only speak facts and not rudeness for a change...it would go a long way in getting you support for your cause.

New tax money doesn't mean higher test scores...it means they are serving more students, keeping up with rising costs and trying to keep at the same standard Olentangy parents are used to. The top 11.5% is a great rank. Of course, like 9:06 stated, Olentangy could be raked first and you would still be unsatisfied.

The truth is that Olentangy is improving. State and federal standards have changed a great deal in the last 10 years. 10 years ago, there was no "No Child Left Behind" and OGT's were just being thought of. This is something you cannot dispute.

The fact that Olentangy has maintained the same level since a decade ago shows that they are improving!!! But I guess you only see the ranking as static.

The fact that Olentangy has, in two years, raised from 100 to 71 does show Olentangy's improvement and commitment to the students. Gosh...give it a rest.

Jim Fedako said...

10:32 --

Another "useful idiot."

Do you really think that the students whose parents can afford to move to this district came from schools that were horrible? Please!

At lease someone believes the nonsense coming from the administration and the board.

Oh, and be careful about student growth versus the need for money. Growth is a small component of levies -- the main cost are salaries, benefits, and staffing ratios.

Jim Fedako said...

9:27 --

You wrote, "How narrowminded." and then accused me of being rude.

Look, if you are going to post nonsense.

And, the 100 ranking was the 4th grade reading scores, not the district ranking. Home many times do I have to state: Read for comprehension.

Look, if you are going to praise mediocre achievement when you supposedly have the "best administrators and teaching staff in Ohio," you have no chance of ever seeing the light.

Are you an Olentangy board member by chance?

Anonymous said...

How about you try re-reading your own post for comprehension. Your comment about the ranking was based on performance index. Performance index is not just on 4th grade reading. I'll copy and paste so you don't need to find it again.

"So, what does the PI show? Olentangy is ranked 100th out of the state on this indicator of student outcome. Olentangy is also ranked 15th in its group of 21 similar schools (20 schools plus Olentangy). I have always asked: How do you take a district with top demographics, achieve mediocre results, and still find means to celebrate?"

Maybe you didn't type what you meant...but what I stated is what this say.

Student growth is a big part of levies. How else do you build new school buildings? With plastic forks from the lunch room? Costs rise for everybody.

I never stated that Olentangy has the best administrators and staff. That is ridiculous. Not a board member....just someone who is pointing out another person's spin!

Jim Fedako said...

6:31 --

Amazing! Truly amazing!

The post you are referring to is one that dealt with third grade reading scores. Hence the qualifying "on this indicator" in the sentence you note.

You have to be a school board member (other than Smith) or an administrator. No one else could as deficient in reading comprehension. Oh, wait, you could also be an OFK stooge. You are certainly one of the three.