Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School Nonsense

We pay some elementary teachers over $90,000 per year to be co-learners with their students. What a waste!

From the new study Winning the Epistemological Struggle: Constructing a Cultural Model of Shared Authority in an Elementary Classroom, as reported in the Teachers College Record of Columbia University's Teachers College:

Conclusions: Overall, the findings serve as an example of how shared authority contributes to alternative ways of viewing knowledge and whose knowledge counts, and what it means to be a learner. Most important, this study demonstrates that when shared authority is a consistent classroom practice, what emerges over time is a cultural model within which students can begin to restructure their developing epistemological frames as they revise their notions of knowledge and ways of knowing. (emphasis added)

-- by Teresa Crawford — 2008

That's right, teachers share classroom authority with their students in order to learn from their students.

Whose knowledge counts?!? What it means to be a learner?!? These folks are whacko!

Ask interim superintendent Hooie about this nonsense. I bet she thinks its great stuff. And we pay her over $200,000 per year. They are all bonkers!


Anonymous said...

Now, now...I'm an adherent of this progressive philosophy and have expanded it beyond the classroom and into our household. Here's how:

As "shared authority" partners on household matters my children now get to eat Cheetos for breakfast, lunch and dinner; stay up until midnight; allocate as much income as they want for entertainment, and talk back to me and their mother.

Certainly you can't argue that my son telling me to jump off a bridge when I ask him to clean his room is not a positive learning opportunity for all of us...

Anonymous said...

...a counterpunch to this educationist silliness: