Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Media Loves Socialism

As if on cue:
Yao is MVP of the Chinese Communist Party at these Olympics. He is a creation of the system, an example of how state planning can succeed. His tall parents were encouraged to marry with the hope that their one child would grow to be an athlete. It worked.
Consumers of mainstream media must be ever vigilant lest they fall for its socialist over and under tones. Some folks just love the state and the collective good while many others are quickly seduced by their love song.

When you read the excerpt above, consider how Obama and McCain would respond. Likely, both would cheer the success of the state -- the state as the solution. Sad, but true. What's worse, we continue to encourage this nonsense.

2,008 drummer beating in unison -- that's the state; 2,008 individuals beating out their own rhythm is the free market -- Liberty. I recognize which leads to despotism and which to freedom. Do you?


Anonymous said...

2008 drummers drumming their own tune makes a horrible concert.

Sometimes there needs to be coordination and planning.

Libertarianism is just as flawed as Communism just at the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Jim Fedako said...

Yes ... crackin' a few eggs to make some omelets. Nothing like coercion and compulsion to get us all in line.