Friday, August 22, 2008

Godzilla and the Columbus Fire Department

Dear Editor:

I just read where Columbus fire officials want to buy an unneeded mobile emergency hospital ("Fire Division considering mobile hospital for disasters," The Dispatch, August 21, 2008) Why not? It's not their money.

Columbus Fire Chief Ned Pettus says he has "a vested interest in keeping in pace with the rest of the country." Sure, what fire chief doesn't want the biggest and newest toy in the sandbox?

Meanwhile, Dr. David Keseg, medical director for the Fire Division, cues the original Godzilla movie and warns that, should the monster awaken, "hospitals would be overtaxed."

Keseg, sounding more like a spoiled kindergartners than a medical director, notes that "[i]f we got one in Columbus, it would be the only one in the state, probably the only one in the Midwest."

Sadly, these folks believe their nonsense. Hey, it's all fun and games when you are spending tax dollars.


Jim Fedako

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