Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mann's Necessity

Dear Editor:

When commenting on a proposed resolution in support of a levy to fund countywide emergency sirens (Olentangy Valley News, August 20, 2008), Bob Mann, Liberty Township trustee, showed that political spin is not limited to Columbus and the District of Columbia.

According to Mann, emergency sirens are a necessity. Necessity? Hmmm. Food, water, and shelter are necessities. The proof: folks place those items at the top of their spending priorities. But sirens?

If Mann truly believes that such a system is a necessity, he would be funding it the same way he funds his other personal necessities: he would reach into his own wallet.

But Mann doesn't believe that sirens are a necessity -- a top-priority need. Instead, he thinks that using tax dollars to fund this system is a great way to look good by spending someone else's money.

Whether the funds are freed from some current source or come from another levy, the result is the same: taxpayers pay for an unnecessary system that serves only to make some trustees look good.

Jim Fedako


Anonymous said...


You are spot on. I read that article and thought to myself...

Necessity? Really? I've lived my entire life without those sirens and I'm healthy, happy, and have never experienced a life threatening situation that would have been avoided by "necessary" sirens.

So why are they so critical and necessary? We have less than 50 tornadoe's a year in Ohio and only the Xenia tornado from the 80's was catostrophic with significant loss of life.
In my opinion, one instance doesn't justify the spend on sirens when other means of communication are now available to us (internet, tv, cell phone, advanced call lists, etc...)

If they spend money on sirens, then they should abandone the proactive calling from Delaware 911. Having both would be a redundant waste of tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

How many tornado warnings actually warn us of an actual tornado? How many are false? Anyone have the statistics on this?

From my experiences it seems to me we have far more warnings than we do tornadoes. By a multiple of 50 at least. Is someone crying wolf?

Anonymous said...

Crying Wolf..... nah. Someone is crying "CHA CHING!"