Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quiz: Which candidate said the following?

Obama or McCain?

The [man] makes a speech to a packed house of legislators, and is cheered to the rafters for his flurry of visionary policy ideas. He calls for the restoration of cities and towns, and the revival of the nation’s industrial base through new spending programs. He makes more housing a national priority. He promises more education spending, new resources for the armed forces, a secure system of old-age pensions, and more equitable healthcare delivery. He takes the credit for a purported economic boom, and further promises to surpass all previous records in national productivity. -- Lew Rockwell, Speaking of Liberty

Obama or McCain? Could be either, but is was actually from Stalin’s 1946 speech, which concluded as follows: “The Soviet people are ready for it."

The rhetoric is the same, only the party names change.

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Now I know I'm voting for Bob Barr and his VP running make Mike Huckabee!