Saturday, June 28, 2008

We are all slaves

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We are all slaves

I just received a copy of the American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau. Think it's voluntary? Think again. I must fill out the form (28 pages) to the best of my knowledge in a timely manner as required by federal law (Why do I even bother keeping a copy of the Constitution? It's not even a consideration for the feds anymore).

OK. So I have to provide personal information to government bozos, information that I do not share with even my closest friends. Now, why do I have to do this? According to the accompanying letter from Steve H. Murdock, director, US Census Bureau, the survey results help communities "decide where new schools, hospitals, and fire stations are needed."

Hey Steve, Wal-Mart and Target can plan just fine without my coerced responses. What's wrong with local governments?

As a bonus, the "information also helps communities plan for new kinds of emergency situations that might affect [me] and [my] neighbors, such as floods and other natural disasters."

For this they need to know where I work, my salary and other income, utility costs, marital status, whether I can dress without assistance, etc? And, I'm to believe that this info is going to help in the event of a flood or other natural disaster? Do they really take me for such a fool?

According to the bureau, the form will take an average of "38 minutes to complete, including the time reviewing the instructions and answers." What about the hours spent ticked off that government has first claim to my free time? Time I'll never get back.

Government protects Liberty. Huh!

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FriendsOfLiberty said...

Big Brother wants to know everything about everyone. How about the TSA and their new peep show device? Contrary to their claims, it's not hard to fathom our Great Leader one day proclaiming that there are terrorists among us, so we now need our TSA to actually record everyone's nudie pics for the govt's national database; or to admit that they've been doing it all along to "protect us". Nope, not hard to fathom at all.