Monday, June 09, 2008

The Feasel Fix

Now that Olentangy school board member Julie Feasal is in a fix, she is defending her closed-door antics by attacking fellow board member Jen Smith in a letter to the editor. Such action is smart politics. But, just like Bill Clinton, smart politics does not mean ethical behaviour.

I wonder what the folks over at OFK are thinking. Are they proud of their former leader? Or, are they beginning to wonder, "What in the world is she up to?"

I know I am!


Anonymous said...

Why can't these people just behave themselves? Didn't they take an oath of office, or have they become so arrogant that executing their agenda takes precedent over honoring the rule of law?

Feasel always seemed like a decent person--why did go she along with such a sleazy, deceitful plan? I'd like to think it was peer pressure and not that she actually thought it was the right thing to do. But then, who knows (only she, I guess)...

Anonymous said...

Ok, here I go again. MCwhatever, in thought, belives to have ruled the free world, and therefore is above, at least Ohio laws. Faggoner-Weasel..oh I have such bad typing skills.. this is just her regular crazy leftist self ... Last year she wrote an editorial about the children who came to the Board meeting. She sang praises about "them understanding the process"! If you were there, or listened to the audio, they laughed about the SEX ACT performed at school!! And that sex was nothing new to them! Now that is what she should REALY be proud of!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got to admit that I don't like what is going on and I'm hoping for change on the board but in allowing posts like the one above (anonymous 11:43) you are really bringing the quality of your blog down to a childish level.

I'm sure that poster didn't develop his/her name-calling skills after their successful and proper education. I'm betting they were a pain in the rear to their teachers. Oh, how proud their parents must be.

You should really block those name calling attacks as they don't further your mission.

Jim Fedako said...

9:16 -

I thought about it but decided to post since it is someone's honest opinion. Full of emotion? Yes. But, it is true.

Listen to the tape from that meeting. The boy stood before the board, with his parents in the audience, and stated the facts listed above.

Sadly, no board member or administrators at the meeting expressed any outrage -- no one said anything at all. They just listened and let it slide.

I don't know how anyone could have listened to the boy and not be disgusted by what goes on at the schools for all to see.

So, I believe 11:43 is justified.

note: I posted on it after the incident occurred.

Anonymous said...

So their name calling is their "honest opinion"?

Oh, silly me, I thought name calling was just that, an attempt to belittle and embarrass through the use of childish names.

You could have edited out the name calling and started with the ellipses for their post. That would have rid your site of their childish attempts and kept it up to the quality you try so hard with in your own posts. (which I enjoy reading because they are factual without the childish antics)

I'm sure if I were to drop a few F-bombs, take the Lord's name in vain, and rattle off some misspellings of your name in an attack on you you wouldn't even post that comment. Am I right?

Anyway, nice blog.

Jim Fedako said...

Let's not forget the Catch-22: If I had edited the comment, folks would accuse me of "censorship." So, I'm wrong to edit and wrong to not edit. I just can't win.

Anonymous said...

Nice rebuttal by Jen Smith in this week's edition. The tension will be thick in the next board meeting.