Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's a year thing

Michael P. Lamb and colleagues at the University of California, Berkley, report in Science that the Box Canyon, off of the Snake River in Idaho, was formed by a massive flood about 45,000 years ago. First the biblical flood was refuted, now the concept is coming back in favor. All that is left is to settle is the year it happened.


Anonymous said...

Jim, I kinda like your blog but this kind of thing is a bit of a stretch to most thinking people. I won't get into specifics only to say that your credibility can only suffer from a post like this.

Sorry, but it had to be said.

Now can we read something real? Maybe something about Dimon McTaxes' and Julie Wagner-Weasel's letter in the local newspaper?

Jim Fedako said...

Then my credibility takes a hit. So be it.

Free market economics (the Austrian school) is also a stretch for most people today. It is truth. If making such claims hurts my credibility, then so be it.

To the point at hand ... I am still trying to grasp the shear arrogance of that letter. Board policy does not make things confidential, state law does. So when the board closes the door and discusses stuff that is not protected by law, the discussions are not confidential. It an easy concept, but the board majority likes to twist concepts to their advantage.

Based on the board's logic -- and now policy -- Smith can never defend the voters, and the board majority is free to discuss whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

I say, all the more reason to enlist the Ohio Ethics Commission. I have never been through the process save to inquire about a supposed investigation. OEC will give no information to the public, so I really believe that any complaint is kept anonymous.

As far as sunshine laws, the current wind is for openness. We have the board VP on record scheming to circumvent law -- an admission of guilt. What more is needed?