Wednesday, June 11, 2008

According to the Greens, I should have died by the age of three

That's right! You see, I used up my allotted greenhouse gases by the age of 3. Try it for yourself, and read the article below ... Coming to a school near you.

Today's offering from the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

Teaching Kids about the Environment, Government Style
by Ben O'Neal

University campuses receive a great deal of attention due to the political and cultural indoctrination and activism that some academics try to pass off as education.[1]

However, government education bureaucrats are eager to ensure that their prescribed views are etched on the slate of the human mind at a much earlier age. For this reason, the most shameless political and cultural activism is often directed, under the guise of environmental and social education, at young children attending government primary schools.

In Australia, governments have adopted environmental education programs that teach children that human intrusion into nature is to be condemned and that man's life must be subordinated to the preservation of nature, by government force if necessary. Under this view, nature is not to be preserved for the benefit of man, but rather, it is to be preserved for its own sake against the encroachments of man. This is the philosophy of environmentalism, and the standard viewpoint of environmentalists, according to philosopher Michael Berliner:

Nature, they insist, has "intrinsic value," to be revered for its own sake, irrespective of any benefit to man. As a consequence, man is to be prohibited from using nature for his own ends. Since nature supposedly has value and goodness in itself, any human action which changes the environment is necessarily branded as immoral. Environmentalists invoke this argument from intrinsic value not against lions that eat gazelles or beavers that fell trees; they invoke it only against man, only when man wants something. The environmentalists' concept of intrinsic value is nothing but the desire to destroy human values.[2]

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Jack Maturin said...

I managed to get to 1.1 years before I should have been killed off, with my own answers. It was the business trip from the UK to Australia that did it! :-)

One thing I did find strange though, even in the wacky terms of the environmentalists, was that if I had travelled to Australia for "personal reasons", rather than for "business reasons", then it would have been "better". I suppose travelling for "personal growth" is better, in their world, than travelling for "business growth", but surely it's still the same amount of carbon dioxide, whichever way you burn the jet fuel?

Still, Australia was great. I hope I can find a client who'll fly me to New Zealand, too!

Operations said...

Mrs. Daniels,

Good points, one and all.

I was up in Alexandria this week end talking to an old friend of mine who is a long time conservative and he actually knows both Dr. Paul and Senator McCain. He is as troubled about the prospects of McCain as you seem to be.

I for one can't imagine any of the three "chosen ones" being in the white house, and I refuse to throw away my vote for any of them, I will write in Ron Paul if I have to, as I can't justify throwing away my precious vote on anyone who doesn't uphold my views.

Thanks for the insight.

Kind regards,

- Ron