Friday, June 27, 2008

According to Julie Feasel, OFK members can't handle the truth

Colonel Nathan R. Jessep, "You can't handle the truth!" (A Few Good Men)

At Tuesday's meeting of the Olentangy school board, the majority once again went after fellow board member Jen Smith for daring to suggest that costs can be reduced. The 4-1 majority includes Julie Feasel, member of Olentangy for Kids.

Feasel and company have forced Smith to submit public records requests for budget and actual expense figures. And, they have forced Smith to use the public participation section of board meetings to speak the truth. In addition, the board stopped the district's Finance and Audit Committee from looking at financial data. Amazing! What exactly are Feasel and the rest of the board trying to hide? I can only imagine.

I have to ask: How in the world can Feasel spin a tale to the rest of OFK? Does she really state that Smith is in the wrong for asking for financial data and for suggesting that the board should communicate with the community? Do OFK members really believe the spin from Feasel?

OFK members need to listen to Feasel in action -- via the audio from the board meetings -- or view her at a meeting. I'm certain that they will be shocked.

OFK Folks, Don't you at least want the truth? Despite what Feasel believes, Smith thinks you can handle it.


Anonymous said...


Let me be the first to say that I can handle the truth!

Who else can handle the truth?


Taxpayer of 3 said...

Next time a school administrator asks my child for information about playground rock throwing, I'm going to instruct my child to tell the administrator to file a freedom of information request!

These four board members obviously have a lot to hide from the previous (now extended by the A'Hooie)regime...official travel that appears like a vacation extension, excessive car allowances ($600 or so per month) hidden in odd budget codes.

Yes, Ralph...I too, want and can handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

Is it really true that they're trying to put a stop to another board member's attempts to analyze the detail around what was actually spent, against what was budgeted? Everywhere I've ever worked that kind of analysis and reconciliation was a standard month end/book close procedure--and everyone involved in generating those expenses was held accountable for results.

What is "OFK" the acronym for, anyway? Obstuction For Kids or Oligarchy For Kids?

Anonymous said...

Only For Kontractors!

Anonymous said...

OFK also stands for:

Obviously Feasel's Knapping!

Anonymous said...

No one can make this crap up. I've personally witnessed these Board Members make it a point at every meeting and even in "other correspondence" to be rude, unco-operative, obstructive, vindictive and deceitful toward ANY question, comment or motion Jennifer Smith makes. I can NOT understand why the people in this district are not "up in arms" and forming a "lynch mob" over this garbage! I guess they really don't care how tax money is spent or who is accountable, not to mention being able to stomach their image in the mirror.
Sick of this crap