Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Checker or You?

Chester (Checker) E. Finn, Jr., of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute is long on advice. In fact, he is so sure of himself that he truly believes that he knows best. Of course he couches these beliefs in a call for stronger education standards, but he really wants to substitute his parenting for your parenting. And, for the most part, we allow Checker and others to do just that: parent our children.

I've met Checker, he seems to be an OK guy. In fact, he would probably make a great neighbor. But, that's the end of it. I wouldn't consider turning my children over to him, as he certainly wouldn't consider turning his children over to me. That we agree upon. Yet ...

Checker is out to play politics, and it's politics with our children. You see, he has big ideas, big ideas of what is wrong with the nation, especially in matters of education.

Does he suffer from a belief in his own omniscience? You bet. But that only drives him to advocate for the coercive state to run the show, all based on his rules.

Checker, Simply give advice. And we can either accept or ignore you. Just don't use government to continue regulating the life out of this nation. Oh, you say you are for choice, but when you say choice you mean a Hobson's choice where the only offering is yours.

Checker is just another statist mandarin -- an apparatchik -- who sees the state as the substitute for the acting man. The state, under his leadership, will supplant the parent as the child's mentor and guide. Such a view nearly destroyed humanity in the 20th Century. But, at TBF at least, such a view is alive and well.

Be careful when you read articles by anyone who dreams of big solutions; government solutions. Even if he seems like a congenial guy with a cool nickname, his true ends -- whether he consciously recognizes them or nor -- are evil indeed.

note: Full disclosure: I wrote a couple of articles for TBF before discovering the difference between the state and God-given Liberty.

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