Monday, June 23, 2008

Union Rules

The same folks who attack CEO salaries have no trouble demanding contracts that are otherworldly. This is especially true for the union representing the staff of ... that's right ... you guessed it ... the National Education Association.

The NEA has its own unionized staff, along with associated union issues. When it is not bickering with its employees over work rules, etc., the NEA is negotiating agreements with its own union that include these stipulations (taken verbatim from the latest, tentative agreement):
* "NEA shall provide travel accident insurance of $1,000,000 for loss of life for an employee traveling on official NEA business."

* While an employee is traveling on official business, NEA will reimburse "physical fitness/health club fees, up to $25 per day."

* "NEA shall… pay each employee $800 per contract year for incidental fees associated with travel."

* "NEA will establish an Employee Wellness fund of $2000 per contract year and will reimburse employees to a maximum of $100 per contract year for the following services/programs that are provided to NEA HQ employees and when they are not covered by the employee's group medical/hospitalization insurance: inoculations, exercise/yoga classes, smoking cessation programs, CPR/First Aid training wellness classes, and diabetes management programs."

* "NEA HR/Wellness will make health and wellness programs available at least one time per contract year during field staff meetings held at HQ. These programs may include: nutrition classes, health screenings, stress reduction training, and/or seated massage services."

* "Any employee who informs NEA HR/Wellness of their intent to engage in a walking for fitness program, whether individually or in a group, shall be given a pedometer at NEA expense."

* "Each employee shall be entitled to arrange for up to 200 hours of outside secretarial support service each contract year."

* "Upon request by the employee, NEA will provide webcams to employees. Effective September 1, 2008, NEA will provide webcam-equipped laptops to new employees and to current employees in accordance with the NEA laptop replacement schedule."

* "Employees who drive hybrid vehicles with mileage of at least 45 miles per gallon and who have assigned parking in the NEA garage shall receive priority parking."
Keep in mind that the NEA lobbies the feds for all sorts of socialist nonsense. And, your local teachers support NEA's efforts (or, for some districts, and to a lesser degree, the efforts of the American Federation of Teachers).

Little wonder that public education is the breeding ground of socialism and associated ills.

Note: Many thanks to the
Education Intelligence Agency for detailing the nonsense above.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are trying to hire and keep the best...

Jim Fedako said...

11:37 -

I bet they are hiring the best of the best. (That's sarcasm by the way)