Friday, May 04, 2007

Tibor R. Machan boxes a collectivist

Tibor R. Machan is a free market philosopher - an intellectual "arguer for" Freedom and Liberty. Over at The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF), he takes on California Senator Barbara Boxer and her collectivist mentality.

Long ago I realized government is not "by the people, for the people" after reading signs around North Park, Allegheny County, PA. These signs noted that fenced areas were "Property of Allegheny County, Trespassers Prosecuted."

As a resident of Allegheny County, I would have been charged with trespassing in spite of the signs. See, the property was not mine; it was property of the governmental entity called Allegheny County. And I could trespass on the county’s property. The fence was a Berlin Wall that separated government from the governed.

Note: The same holds with regard to public schools. Think they belong to the community; the people? Think again.


Tibor said...

Correction: I am not an apologist for anything but I do champion certain ideas, defend them, argue for them, etc., etc.

Tibor said...

I am no apologist for anything but do argue for a lot of good ideas.

Jim Fedako said...

Fair enough. Post updated.