Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The cause of societal ills

A recent listserve post of mine:

The reality driving these issues is, of course, government.

Government has metastasized into a real cancer. Why does anyone side with government? The answer is simple: To exact an advantage over everyone else. Whether its the politician looking for immigration votes, the unions demanding closed shops and the right of violent strike, the corporations partnering with government on the writing of laws and regulations, the do-gooders demanding that we all live their lives, or governmental entities working the system to their benefit - think public education, the driving force behind societal ills is the size and continued growth of government at all levels.

And, please do not look to government as the solution to the problems it alone has created. Instead, argue and encourage the re-development of the Revolutionary ideas and ideals of government restrained by its citizenry; a government whose realm exists solely in the protection of the negative rights that formed the basis of our Declaration and Constitution.

Supposing, and supporting, government as the solution simply feeds the cancer that has metastasized into all organs - institutions - of our society.

Jim Fedako

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