Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pop fluff and the 12-cent meal

My latest post at the blog:

A fun little absurdity -- AOL has a teaser that purports to show how a celebrity salary feels to the working man or woman making $30K. According to the first slide, Angelina Jolie feels the cost of a $40 meal the same as $0.12 feels to the $15 per hour laborer. Absurd! Are they trying to tell me that after the waiter said, "I'm sorry, I just lost your meal." Jolie would smile and forget the matter? Yet, I suspect that the laborer wouldn't sweat the dime and two pennies that slipped from his hand and fell down the sewer.

We know where this line of thinking leads -- soak the rich since they don't care about the extra buck, or the extra thousand in taxation. Marxism packaged as pop fluff.

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