Friday, May 04, 2007

Reisman and the light bulb

George Reisman, Professor Emeritus of Economics, has posted another excellent article on environmentalism over at If you like this article, you should purchase his book, Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics, or download it for free. Reisman has a lot to offer those who want to understand how the market works.

Say No to the Hideous Light Bulbs
George Reisman

The environmentalists are pushing hideous looking fluorescent light bulbs of the kind shown here as a way to save electricity and thus reduce the need for power plants and resulting carbon emissions. The bulbs will thus allegedly help to save the planet from global warming and, therefore, the environmentalists argue, everyone should use them instead of the customary, incandescent bulbs.

Australia and Canada have already enacted laws or regulations that will make these bulbs mandatory within a few years. Efforts are underway to do the same thing here in the United States.

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