Friday, May 04, 2007

Old enough to have fought, yet still under the nanny's thumb

That's right, the veterans of Ohio have to go smokeless because the nanny do-gooders convinced the voting sheeple that no one should smoke in public places.

Let's ignore that these venues are really private property; owned be entrepreneurs and organizations who exist to please customers and members. Instead, let's focus on the do-gooders and their mindless electorate who simply want everyone to live as they choose.

Whatever happened to Freedom? Liberty? It was sold to the local health departments who are a stroke of the pen away from pulling up the jackboots and kicking down your doors.

Don't think it will happen? Neither would have any red-blooded American of thirty years ago believed that smokeless would be enforced by the power of coercion and compulsion. So long "Don't Tread on Me!"

note: Your children are being inculcated with the collectivist mindset by the public schools. They are being told that government has the right - the obligation - to promulgate and enforce health mandates. Your children are being taught that a government that does such is simply satisfying the public good; the general welfare.

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