Friday, May 18, 2007

Government: Debt, Grants, and Peer-Review

From Gary North's series on debt over at
As King David wrote 3,000 years ago: "The wicked borroweth and payeth not again" (Psalm 37:21a)
North was using this quote to question our current financial situation. Not our personal one, as we have to repay debt or face bankruptcy and loss of assets. Instead, North was referring to the lie that funds our ever-growing government debt. North is correct, and it is a wicked system that we allow to perpetuate; a system that has our children, and children's children, paying the interest for debts WE have allowed the to feds accumulate. A wicked inheritance indeed.

Recent articles take on government grants in science and the peer-review process. In The Trouble With Government Grants, Donald W Miller, Jr., MD, addresses the issues resulting from government funding of science. Science has lost its essence, and is slowly becoming another publicly-funded bureaucracy.

Robert Higgs looks at the peer-review process in The Trouble with Science and reaches a conclusion similar to Miller. Again, government has changed science from a process of discovery to a process of political funding.

Read these to understand the ills that befall any institution that succumbs to the hand of government.

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