Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A gaggle of idiots

What is the correct term for group of idiots? Is it a gaggle, bunch, flock, or something else? Maybe it's a school? No, that's too easy. Regardless, here's the latest bunch of idiots to make the Dispatch.

1. Ohio House of Representatives: They voted to provide state-funded health insurance to children in families making less than $51,510 per year. If passed by the Ohio Senate, some of us will have to work longer in order to pay the insurance premiums for the state's new tax beneficiaries. To think, Strickland wanted coverage available to children in families earning less than $85,000 per year. The pool of tax consumers is increasing at the expense of the decreasing pool taxpayers, such as myself.

2. Governor Strickland and Public Education: Charter schools in Ohio are able to educate children while operating with 1/3 less revenue than the average public school. Yet, Strickland and his public school allies still believe that the for-profit operators of these schools are generating obscene profits. Certainly, these companies are able to generate a profit - or, return on investment, yet that should not be seen as an evil. Instead, we need to be asking these for-profit companies how they are able to serve their students, parents, and investors while operating on 1/3 less revenue. That question is the reason that Strickand and public education fear charters. The waste at public schools is easily exposed by the efficiencies of for-profit charter operators.

3. Bowling Green University and, once again, Public Education:[1] Character education is germinating at state colleges and taking root in local school districts. The goal of such programs is generations of compliant citizens who attribute goodness to the actions of government. This country was once a nation of individuals who had no problem throwing off the yoke of oppression; individuals who had neither faith nor trust in government. These folks took to the streets in order to protest the actions of the King, and tarred-and-feathered those who stood in their way. If you follow the logic of the purveyors of character education, future generations will obediently yield to further governmental encroachment on Liberty. Gone is the rallying cry, "Don't Tread on Me!" It has now been replaced by character choirs and journal writing. Wow. What have we become?

[1] This does not include the unions during contract negotiations. Self-discipline, tolerance, self-control, and respect give way threats and protest, and the cry for more tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Your 3/19/2007 post feature ASCD president and edu-speak babblemeister Richard Hanzelka fawning over the Chinese "Whole Child" approach to education and how "achievement" was never uttered the entire time he spent with his Chinese"hosts". Well, what
Dick didn't tell us was that the Chinese "Whole Child" approach includes hours of daily political and "moral" education, in addition to academics so, the child winds up "whole", at least by ChiCom definition. By the time Johnny is done with his studies he is as politically and morally firm as he is academically enriched. Of course, the political and moral education he received is in the Maoist tradition.

Now, take that model and substitute the sino-communist moral and political dictates of nationalism and communism with the leftist moral and political agendas of the American education industrial complex (the ASCD, ALA, NEA/AFT, et al.) and you have the American version of the "Whole Child". The end result is that our children will be ill-educated, but will feel good about themselves and they will be environmentally and multiculturally aware.

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if by waste you mean the schools where teachers use their own money to pay for supplies for their children? Or all the money wasted on security in a safe area because the parents demand it? Or perhaps it's the school trying to get new science books that don't say "One day man will walk on the moon."? Most charter schools I've seen pay their teachers next to nothing, operate out of rental properties such as malls or closed buildings, like an old hotel in Toledo (asbestos included), and don't spend any extra time on any students needs than necessary.

Wow, what a profit.

Jim Fedako said...


Let's talk about a teacher's personal profit. Absent government-funded schools, his or her salary would be much less than it currently is. Wouldn't that be a personal profit that he or she receives as a benefit to being part of a monopolized, government-run entity?

Funny, parents are choosing these schools, despite lower-paid teachers and used facilities. Doesn't that tell you something about the quality of public schools?

But, most importanty, why are you so concerned about the personal decisions of some parents? And, why do you want to overrule those decisions? Who are you to claim such knowledge, and power?