Friday, May 25, 2007

High School Musical and Vile Adults

Consider this: The current most-popular teen media is Disney's High School Musical (HSM), and its soundtrack, school adaptations, concerts, etc. As evidenced by its popularity, HSM speaks to the issues facing teens, and it does so in a positive manner. Teens love it.

Now, contrast HSM with the vile nonsense promoted by adults, especially some teachers. While HSM is upbeat, these teachers do whatever they can to attract children to the dark side of life. Why? Teachers say that only trash such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower can hold the attention of children today. Yet, HSM proves otherwise.

So, why do some teachers want children to view the evils that entice these teacher's souls? Simple: To inculcate children into the nonsense that is the heart and soul of these adults.

There is truly something wrong - evil - with adults who desire children to read garbage such as The Perks when children want a positive story of life's challenges.


Anonymous said...

Excellent point!

...but wait--rape, pedophilia, bestiality and other deviance REALLY HAPPENS. It doesn't matter that 99% of our kids will never encounter these personally; because it's "out there" they need to study it.

What nonsense.

Anonymous said...

fourth grader and below love it.

Anonymous said...

Census Bureau releases national per capita education spend stats (astonishing):

Other extracts can be found at the site.

Anonymous said...

TEENS don't love it, Jim. Unless you're counting your elementary-aged children as "teens."