Monday, January 29, 2007

Wrong for Ohio: rats leaving a sinking ship

It's funny, the public education system labored for years on ballot language for a constitutional amendment that would solve the ills of public education in Ohio. All the usual suspect participated in the drafting of the final wording; the Ohio School Boards Association, administrator associations, unions, and fellow party apparatchiks and nomenklatura. The proposal is their grand solution; the piece de resistance.

You would think that the party elite and sundry minions would be proud of their work. But you really have to search hard for the actual language. The website Getting it Right! for Ohio's future is the product of the PAC created to get the amendment on the ballot. Let me tell you, you really have to search hard to find the actual language. You have to wade through all the rah rah to find what the school buzz is actually about. Read it and you will be in for a treat.

The lack of open public display of the language is strange, but what's stranger is the cool public response from school superintendents, treasurers, and board members. It is as if they are embarrassed by their demand; a blank check to spend as they see fit. Like a child who is caught asking for the absurd, I think the school system is shocked at how they sound now that their true wants and desires are known by the taxpayers.

Try to find a school official who will make a strong public stand for their Kafkaesque public school funding amendment. I think they finally saw themselves as the public sees them, and the image is quite unpleasant. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, school officials are quickly distancing themselves from their product.

Sign the petition and vote for the amendment, and watch members of the school system give themselves raises like they just struck gold. Well, if the amendment passes, they will have struck gold: Your gold.

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