Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The bias of science - a letter to the editor.

Dear The Columbus Dispatch:

In reporting the top 20 science stories from 2006 (Our Top 20 stories from Earth to Pluto, Dispatch, January 2, 2007), the Dispatch lets slip the underlying pro-evolution bias of many scientists. Under story nine, Discovery of brain evolution, Kent State anthropologist Owen Lovejoy is reported to hold the belief that Evolution "made the decision" to have the human brain develop slower than the brain of a chimpanzee. The key word is decision, and the key concept is the belief of many scientists that Evolution and DNA possess powers associated with a higher being.

The act of deciding requires more than can be attributed to a theory or nucleic acid; the act of deciding requires the ability to choose one path while forsaking others. Therefore, the act of deciding is a byproduct of intelligence.

As even Lovejoy would have to agree, nothing less than an omnipotent, omniscient entity is responsible for human brain development. While Lovejoy and others call that entity Evolution or DNA, I call that entity God. So, why is my leap of faith the product of a regressive religion while Lovejoy, et al, get to claim their leap is the product of science? The reason is simple: A scientific bias against God and the Bible.

Jim Fedako

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