Friday, January 19, 2007

Olentangy Local Schools: the tax burden

So, the question is this: How can I make sense of Appendix D of Property Tax and School Funding from the Ohio Department of Taxation?

Good question, and here are the steps:

1. Cut out Appendix D and paste it into a Notepad document
2. Remove all header lines and save
3. Open the Notepad document into a new Excel spreadsheet
4. Cut and paste cells that are not in the correct columns (hint: sort the spreadsheet so that you can do mass movements of cells)
5. Sort the spreadsheet on the total tax effort column

What you will find is that Olentangy is the 101st highest taxed district out of the 614 Ohio districts. And, Olentangy is ranked 4th out of its 21 similar districts (20 similar districts as defined by the Ohio Department of Education plus Olentangy).

You can also estimate the district's rank should the March levy pass; the district tax burden is moving in the wong direction.

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