Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What are they being taught?

I had tears in my eyes and had goose bumps, literally,” said Inger, who now teaches high school English in West Hartford, Conn. “I was so incredibly impressed. . . . She was so well-versed in so many issues."

This article - from the Boston Globe - is another example of the product of public education and its socialist ideal, in addition to unionist parents. I previously wrote about lunacy reaped by "the occasional band of roaming morons (who) spray paint SUVs, demand that KFC play Mozart in their slaughterhouses – yes, the chicken we eat must be slaughtered somewhere, and protest McDonalds and Wal-Mart as evil incarnate."

Back to the article ...

Well-versed in so many issues? I would say that her writings show a student devoid on any real knowledge, yet full of Progressive ranting and raving.

"... to reattach people to the problem" and to make a difference, Snow should invest some time reading a book or two on economics and scarcity. She could then educate "people" on the market and government interventions.

If Snow felt that such texts did not supply the answer, she could simply load a plane with food and supplies, and fly to the capital of the impoverished country of her choice. She would then find out how little of her good work escapes the grasps of veracious government agents.

The ills the Snow wants to cure are not the doings of the US market. In fact, US entrepreneurs would love to sell their products and services to the masses overseas, thus reducing need and deprivation. And, the investors - capitalist - would love to invest in the Third World if they were convinced that their investments would not be confiscated.

What else but government could take fertile African, Asian, and South American soil and reap a harvest of despair and starvation?

This question never gets addressed since it is a lesson missing from schools formed by two evils; government and unions.

Jim Fedako

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Anonymous said...

Yeah--I have "tears in my eyes" too when I see the crap being taught in our schools.

"They say America America God shed his grace on thee," Snow wrote. "And what? Forget the rest of the Earth, that more than us, they deserve the protection of his grace to save them from starvation and diseases like HIV/ And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea/ Well, see, exactly what sea does that mean?/ A sea of dark hands reaching for bread but drowned in poverty?"

This is the garbage that passes as literature in schools today. Worse, the teacher is especially enamored with this student's worldview (shaped by her "activist" parents--mom's a bilingual teacher and dad's a union organizer) which, of course, aligns with her own.

Do you think "angst filled" 17 year-olds in Mumbai or Beijing waste their time composing garbage that has no real value? I do not. They're too busy learning that which has the most promise of guaranteeing meaningful employment.

What goes on in our schools today is education malpractice.