Friday, January 19, 2007

Olentangy finds savings by hiring an additional administrator

Yep, that's the solution. Superintendent Davis committed to taking a hard look at the district's budget, and what does he find? The need for an additional administrator of course. I'm certain that the board will nod their collective heads in agreement at the next meeting.

What a gift to the district! The taxpayers will soon have a "new executive director of elementary learning." But, will they ever reap any benefit? Doubt it. Question: How does hiring a new executive director result in efficiencies and cost savings? Isn't elementary instruction delivered in the classrooms, and not in the administrative offices? What Davis doesn't mention is that for there to be savings, other positions must go away. He obviously missed that part of the cost savings/efficiencies story.

But, he and the board will not miss the levy request in November. And they will remember the taxpayer then.

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