Saturday, January 20, 2007

Games superintendents and boards play

The Olentangy School District claims it needs additional local tax dollars, with a levy request likely going on the ballot this November. Times are tough, or so they say. Yet, the superintendent is creating two new executive director positions when he is supposed to be looking for ways to reduce costs - in his nine months with the district, it appears he has found little cost savings.

The interesting part is that these new positions are not effective until the next fiscal year, though the board will likely create the positions this Tuesday. Why the rush? Simple, since district residents are going to be very watchful of expenses come levy campaign time, the board game - pun intended - is to create the positions now when little public attention is given to district operations. This will allow the board to avoid criticism over the positions near levy time. Nice game. Especially when it's someone else's money.

Why can't they just be honest and open? Simple, honesty would hurt their chances to win a ballot request on the claim of need.

Are the positions needed? My previous post addressed one of the positions. Read it and decide for yourself.

Note: Keep in mind that the reported salary does not include the 10% additional compensation from the district paying the employee retirement contribution for its administrators. This would be the same as your company paying your social security tax in addition to the employer contribution. So, always add 10% to administrator salaries in order to compare with private sector jobs.

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