Wednesday, January 10, 2007

And you wonder why they can't teach ...

Here's the lead article from TCRecord, the online magazine out of the famed Teachers College of Columbia University:

The Tacit Media Pedagogy as Praxial Critique: A Critique of Postmodern Theory for Higher Education Curriculum

by Andrew M. Tatusko — 2005

Employing Calvin O. Schrag's response to postmodernism-transversal rationality engaged through praxial critique-the constructive side of postmodern theories can be highlighted in higher education while at the same time answering the pundits who see little to no constructive side to postmodern theories. Using praxial critique through media literacy is a proposed way to construct a curriculum that is centered around transversal rationality as a way to answer the challenges of postmodernism in a constructive way that neither dimisses nor blindly accepts its conclusions. In this way the limits of postmodern theory are critiqued. Some shortcomings of key postmodern theories are drawn out in relation to educational theory while aspects of some of these theories for a constructive employment in higher education are affirmed.

Huh?!? What ever happened to the Three R's? I assume they got lost in a postmodern-transversal. Remember this the next time that you discuss your child's future with an administrator. You're thinking about the basics while their wondering what muddled Progressive theory they can impose on your child during the upcoming school year. Talk about malpractice.


Drew said...

OF course if you actually read the article it is an argument against blind and inappropriate use of theory for educational practice, or against an improper "imposition" as you might put it. Might help to read the article before you make blind assumptions about it!

Jim Fedako said...

Supposedly, this is a response from the author of the article - with the internet, you never really know who is responding.

If this is the author, keep in mind that muddled writing equals muddled thinking. Muddle does not equal intelligent thinking - despite what the fools at Teachers College believe.

From your response, you can write semi-lucid prose. So, why not in this article? Is it because there is nothing to it other than muddle.