Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Frederick Engels Jr.

It is not often that I get the full-blown Marxist comment. But when I do, it is front page news -- certainly not something to be buried in some back page comment string.

Engles was the reluctant German industrialist who funded Marx (a man who held only one job, and a part-time job at that) for years. Without Engels, no Marxist nonsense.

Now we have Engels Jr. commenting on this blog.

According to him:
You really need to watch what limbs you climb out on. I'm a business owner and yes I gain at the expense of the labor of my employees. I provided capital and my own labor. They provide their labor and I reimburse them at a mutually agreeable rate. I benefit by the surplus of value created by their labor.I also participate fully in my Society and I reap the benefits of that Society. The cost is I pay taxes on the surplus of value created by my employees. (profit)
Surplus value. And from a supposed businessman, nonetheless. I mean, you rarely get the businessman propounding the labor theory of value anymore. How quaint. How very Marxist.

So our Engles suffers from self-imposed class guilt. Now he can either be an acting individual (a man) and take matters into his own hands – he can pay his employees more if that relieves his guilt. Or he can seek political means to make everyone else pay for his supposed transgressions.

Like all sheeple, he chooses the collectivist route and works to subject us all to his dastardly ends.

So, Engles Jr., who is your Marx Jr.?

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