Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Final Word on the Obama Speech

According to Wade-O:
At this time, the President’s message has been reviewed and found to have ties to district wide curriculum and will be made available in its entirety to all students on Friday, September 11.
Of course, everything ties to the district's vaunted maps -- including perverse books and magazine articles, you name it.

Oh, and every expenditure is for the kids -- every penny, including each of the 30,000,000 pennies Wade-O lifts from our wallets each year.

It's all good, that which is flowing from the altruistic and selfless staff. Wade-O, the board, administration, and the unionized staff are all about good intentions and the kids.

Trust 'em. They are your government school system.


Anonymous said...

I think it was crazy they did not play the speech live yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The speech wasn't so much the issue (it was fairly neutral, predictably). The issue was with the Dept. of Education programming around the speech that was clear, political indoctrination.

Remember that Arne Duncan was superintendent of the (failed) Chicago public school system, and the man who the Obamas would not trust with their daughters' education.

Anonymous said...

All well and good that the speech was not the problem. However, then playing the speech live would not be a problem. The issue should have been framed as a lesson plan issue with the local schools.

Because it was not couched in a sane and rational way, it was just propaganda. People are playing into political games and not admitting it.

I can appreciate the libertarian argument on this issue, but that is not what got the majority of the people all crazed out.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the people were not crazed out. The majority of people are shaking their head at this ruckus.

As far as the lesson plan, first no one is going to use it. The local teachers were free to change it as they wanted and finally it was not indoctrination or anything close.

Anonymous said...

Fourth commenter: You can't recognize indoctrination. The government schools are full of it as it is. What's a little more to somebody like you?

Anonymous said...

Indoctrination defined: to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., esp. to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.

If one considers a message to stay in school and to study as "indoctrination", then I am fine with this indoctrination no matter who the message is from.

Why doesn't anyone bring up the teaching of "manifest destiny" in history class as "indoctrination"? I specifically remember this concept being taught to me.

And I agree that the whole thing was overblown as it was when Bush 41 spoke to the kids. There are more important things to worry about.

Anonymous said...

In our house, indoctrination to stay in a government school is a partisan and biased belief. It is a view that we abhor. Our country is so much worse off because of compulsory, government schooling. When I was a Jr.High (not Middle School) student back in the 60s our teacher explained to us that one of the purposes of public schooling was to bring diverse groups together and get them on the same page. She explained this as a good thing. She used somewhat different words but this was her message. The government schools are used to get all to think alike and to obey the STATE. The history of government schooling, if anyone bothers to learn about it, is for influencing groups that the STATE feared would not get in line. Dear Leader garnered brownie points from the all-powerful Teachers' Unions by promoting the government schools.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the schools are in place to ensure that students are exposed to information and ideas. It is not the place of the school to indoctrinate.
I was taught to think for myself and to test ideas. I learned that it is not so much the outcome of my thoughts, but the path that took me there.
But built in us, there is sense of community and herd mentality. But being shaped by a community is a healthy part of life. However, that does not mean that we should not be individuals and express ourselves that way as well.
Any time we lean too far one way, we are out of balance and prone to extremist behaviour.