Sunday, September 27, 2009

District hides the truth ... again!

Dear Editor:

In Hilliard and Worthington, community members have banded together to question expenses in their respective school districts. These folks started websites with similar names: and

Both of these organization have been active and are respected within their districts. Worthington officials meet with to understand the issues and even endorsed a slate of board candidates.

Now, back to Olentangy. In a move to stifle dissent, the Olentangy district purchased and linked that site back to the district's own website. Can you imagine that? Our tax dollars were used to directly deceive us -- the taxpayers, nonetheless.

Did board president Julie Feasel push this move in order to stop a possible Olentangy group from endorsing a slate of candidates that does not include her name? Or did superintendent Wade Lucas suggest the purchase in order to keep residents from questioning how he spends local tax dollars?

District PR consumes close to $1 million of our tax money -- and look what we get in return.

In November, the community gets to decide if these murky practices remain business as usual.

Jim Fedako


Anonymous said...


I have reiterated several times on this site that I do not agree with what the district does with their policies and spending of my money...

...but I have a problem with this post. Again, how is the district purchase of a domain name "hiding the truth?" The district has every right to purchase whatever web domain they wish. The fact that a "responsibility" group didn't purchase it first is not a reason to say that the district lied or held anything from the truth. Olentangy mearly points this domain back to their main page.

If they set up a whole new web site aimed at educating the public with the intention of presenting information as if it were not the school district, you would have an argument. In this opinion you present, there is no deception by the district...just childish name-calling from you. Please present facts on here...don't say the district lied when they did not as a fact when it is just something your friends are mad about because they didn't get to the purchase of the domain first...seriously...childish.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any proof they spend $1 million on PR or are you just blowing smoke again?

Anonymous said...

Where is the $1 million figure coming from and over what period of time?
Also, I saw the board agenda for tomorrow, and it looks like someone is donating the money to cover the url addresses, so no district money is being spent on that.

Anonymous said...

even better Jim...the district doesn't seem to have purchased the URL's in question. They were purchased and donated to the district. Check out the board agenda...

Jim Fedako said...

9:41 --

The domain names were purchased by an agent of the district -- you can find it with just a little time searching.

Jim Fedako said...

5:58 --

You will need to do some research to understand the difference between a "cost" and an "expenditure."

Be one of those "lifelong learners" that the district is always lauding.

Jim Fedako said...

9:05 --

READ. It might be a difficult task for you, but you may end up enjoying the process. And when you have mastered reading, you will recognize that the word lie is not in my post.

Some people!