Monday, September 28, 2009

Springer defends the district (no surprise here)

Dear Editor:

Archana Springer challenged my estimate regarding the total cost of PR in the Olentangy school district (Olentangy Valley News, Sept. 23).

Using district-supplied figures, Springer claimed that district PR only cost taxpayers $71,765 in fiscal year 2008. Got that? $71,765. That's an amazing claim considering the district has a communications department headed by a highly-paid director.

In all likelihood, the figure that Springer quoted is only half of the total cost of employment for the department director alone. Throw in all other costs associated with district PR (including the questionable use of consultants, etc) and it is obvious that Springer likes to understate district expenses, to say the very least.

It's one thing to accept district figures at face value. It's another thing altogether to claim such nonsense as fact.

It is important to note that Springer never addressed the central point of my letter: Why is the district buying up Internet domain names in order to game its taxpayers? Hmmm.

In the end, keep in mind that Springer responded in defense of current board president and candidate Julie Feasel. Both Springer and Feasel are looking for things to remain business as usual in the district.

I say rock the boat by rocking the board this November.

Jim Fedako


Anonymous said...

Amanda Morris, PR Director, makes $125K in salary alone, not including all of her other perks. A far cry more than the numbers reported by Springer. I'm guessing Springer's figures are for US Postal Service Fees only.

Do I smell a Feasel in the hen house?


Anonymous said...

So I noticed you did not post how much this director makes. What is her salary? I doubt she makes anywhere near the million you claimed.

Anonymous said...

Her letter to the editor was so ridiculous it could have been written by JERRY Springer.

Archanna Springer has now been Fedakerated.

Anonymous said...


Morris is the director and she has staff. So together, do you know how much they make? Do yourself a favor and ask your own questions and prove US wrong. We have the data, we know the truth. Coming here to say "Prove your statement" time and time again is getting pretty old.

Do your own work in defending the district. Stop acting like Julie Feasel, Scott Galloway, and Dimon McFerson in the board room asking Jennifer Smith for her numbers. Come prepared with your own or stay home.

If you can't develop your own facts, then you automatically lose the debate.