Monday, September 21, 2009

Michael Cloud and Teachers Unions

For year, Michael Cloud has been working to reduce taxes in Massachusetts. And who do you is fighting him? The teachers unions, of course -- the government leviathans with their tentacles in our wallets and in our children's minds. -- Jim

From Cloud in Small Government News:

Massachusetts Teachers Unions: Enemy of Taxpayers
by Michael Cloud
(My short essay below is about the Massachusetts Teachers Unions, not individual teachers. Nor is this about the teaching performance of public school teachers. This is exclusively about the actions of the Unions.)

Why am I calling the Massachusetts Teachers Unions the enemy of taxpayers?

Because 30 years of indisputable evidence says so.

In 1980, the Massachusetts Teachers Unions aggressively campaigned against Proposition 2 1/2 - and the movement to roll back and limit property taxes.

In the last 30 years - from 1980 through 2009 - which statewide tax cut ballot initiatives did the Massachusetts Teachers Unions campaign against?

All of them.

Property Tax Cut initiative? Against.

Income Tax Cut Initiatives? Against.

Sales Tax Cut Initiative? Against.

Against all of them.

Against every tax cut ballot initiative for the last 30 years.

PLUS Massachusetts Teachers Unions have spent millions of dollars lobbying the state legislature against tax cuts, against spending cuts - for raising taxes, and for raising spending. Successfully lobbying legislators to increase spending on public schools by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Look at local tax votes. T

here are 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts. Since 1981 - when Proposition 2 ½ went into effect - despite the fact that all of these local governments get an automatic 2 ½% revenue increase every year, they put over 4,551 referendums on city and town ballots to increase Property taxes even more.

How many of these 4,551+ ballot referendums to raise property taxes on homes did the Teachers Unions campaign against? Zero. None. Nada.

State taxes and local taxes. Income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes.

Massachusetts Teachers Unions consistently campaigned against tax relief - and campaigned for tax hikes. For the last 30 years.

Want to see the smoking gun the Teachers Unions use against taxpayers?

The Massachusetts Teachers Union Website offers Union Members a manual to raising property taxes on our homes. It's called: "Roadmap to Overriding"

Where's the Massachusetts Teachers Union Manual for cutting property taxes on the homes in your city or town?

There isn't one.

The evidence is clear, consistent, and compelling. Massachusetts Teachers Unions are the Enemy of Taxpayers.

Request to readers: If you have information about any income tax cut, sales tax cut, or property tax cut that the Massachusetts Teachers Unions campaigned FOR, please reply to this email with the link or evidence.

Thank you. - Michael Cloud

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