Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I do not accept your phraseology"

Harry Reid speaks for the political class (both sides of the aisle). And the bobbleheads -- the sheeple -- from both sides nod their approval.

Having two people rule over one is no better than one ruling over two (Lysander Spooner). Yet, because we have bought the concept of democracy unbounded by a constitution, principles and values, we have allowed a republic to be turned into a totalitarian state rules by the majority.

In spite of what your teachers in government schools taught you about democracy, it is -- when without bounds -- a very unethical and immoral system, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

Sure it's voluntary. You can come here illegally and not pay a cent or be a legal citizen and pay taxes "voluntarilly" every April 15th or go to jail.

Legal vs. illegal is the voluntary choice you get to make as a citizen.

Reid is why term limits should be mandatory!

Anonymous said...

Since when have we been unbounded by the Constitution? Oh, that's right in your mind we don't abide by the Constitution as interpreted by the Libertarian Party.

Our Republic is governed with bounds created and maintained by the majority of the citizens. We are bounded by our Constitution and the laws of our land. Your main problem is that your philosophy represents an extremely small minority in this country.

Jim Fedako said...

11:03 --

Are you in third grade? Or just a simpleton?

Anonymous said...

So 11:03 went for the lie that a majority of boobs can change the Law of the Land. Well, since a majority of Americans seem to have been successfully brainwashed to believe it, it must be so. That's called a Mobocracy. And since all the little children in the government schools are being indoctrinated via AFFECTIVE EDUCATION it is so easy to sway their opinions using emotions. Facts are meaningless. It's how they FEEL about it that counts.

Anonymous said...

11:03 Anon --

In your world, majority rules and the constitution means nothing.

That's scary.

In my world, the constitution means EVERYTHING and majority, while interesting and applicable in instances where allowed by the Constitution, means nothing.

Jim Fedako said...

5:01 (unpublished) --

A debate would require more than just your simple opinion.

I assume that you are long past school age and, as such, should be able to recognize that you live in a world where your unlearned opinions -- based on nothing more than what you feel is right -- have little merit.

I'm sorry to have to break it to your inflated ego -- likely the product of government schools, but only in the relativist world of those very same government schools is a simple opinion cherished.

Anonymous said...

Fedako for President!!!

Anonymous said...

5:01 was Fedakerated.