Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Talk about indoctrination

From a reader:

"'On September 8 Obama will talk to all public school children. There is a whole program set up. I wonder if he's going to teach them the Obama song those children sang during the campaign. You know the one with the angelic voices singing Obama will save the world.'

One more reason to homeschool."


Anonymous said...

My kids will miss school on 9/8.


Anonymous said...

OLSD actually did something smart....they are going to review the speech first and determine if it fits their curriculum! Then give parents the option to opt out the kids when and if they present it!

Not a koolaid drinker

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me that Olentangy is going to participate in this disgusting spectacle...

Anonymous said...

I find it disappoint that we have come to the point that when the President of the United States wants to address the school children of the country on the importance of education we question whether they should see it.

OLSD has made a political decision on a non-political issue and should be ashamed of themselves. They demean the Office of the President and are setting a bad example to our children.

Anonymous said...

Are all of you afraid of a little talk about studying and staying is school?

Did you complain when Reagan and Bush 41 did it? If you did, fine. If not, shut up about this.

Why must everything be so hate-filled! Is teaching history "indoctrination" if we discuss Reagan and the Cold War or FDR and WWII? Come on people!

Anonymous said...

Since the wackjobs in the district have been successful to articulate that having students pretend to be illegal immigrants for six weeks and falsify state and federal documents comports with "state standards" I will not be surprised if they end up showing every second of the president's indoctrinating video.

Then again, many of our instructors are old hat when it comes to indoctrination, so 9/8 will be business as usual for them.

Anonymous said...

Simply horrible that the president would tell kids to study and stay in school. Next he'll be telling them to think independently and we just can't have that. Gotta keep them in the dark about such things.

Anonymous said...

Ralph watches Faux News 24x7.

Anonymous said...

Well, now you know you have quite a few of the liberal persuasion reading at your blog. And do they also like the letter-writing part of the exercise? Where the kiddies were to have written letters explaining how they planned to help our dear leader in his efforts to save us all and provide the utopia for us? Is it all good for them?

Anonymous said...

Joe Scarborough gets it:

Too bad more republicans aren't reasonable like him.

Anonymous said...

Hummm...did all you lefties read the talkinging points issued by the Department of Education?

Maybe if you do your research, you would realize us non-lefties are not hate filled...but fact filled

"Why must everything be so hate-filled! Is teaching history "indoctrination" if we discuss Reagan and the Cold War or FDR and WWII? Come on people!

Are you kidding...this guy has been in office for just over 6 months....he isn't history yet and has no place driving his initiatives directly into our kids heads and classrooms. Bush 41's DOE didn't issue talking points ....he just said go to school and learn it is important.

Reagan, FDR...they're history that can be learned from....lets talk about Obama's historical significance in 20 years, not 200 days!

jenkinsbrigade said...

People are missing the bigger picture: what business does the president have meddling in education, period? According to the Constitution, he has none. If Obama is so big on 'change', why doesn't he start by dismantling the unconstitutional, meddlesome, wasteful, and irresponsible Department of Education? Return to local control of schools -- how'd that be for change?.

Being a teacher myself, I, for one, will not be airing anything Mr. Obama has to say in class. Thanks to the ridiculous top-down management style of the DOE and their reprehensible 'No Child Gets Ahead' lunacy, I don't have any time to waste on enrichment activities like presidential speeches.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see the folly in it all? The president of the United States nominated the former superintendent of Chicago public schools to be Secretary of Education--the same man who the president did not entrust with the education of his children (who went to private schools).

As for the numbskull who believes the president is going to just tell the kids to stay in school...the address, which will be neutral, serves as only the occasion to have tens of thousands of teachers activate our kids into their first steps of becoming Democrats. Early and repeated exposure to a particular ideology virtually guarantees life-long affiliation.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me to see so many people who doubt their own children. Are you all afraid that they cannot process ideas on their own? Are you fearful of actually having to discuss this topic with them? I guess you don't want your children to actually think about anything, just accept what ideas you provide. That is much scarier to me than having to listen to a speech by an elected official.

Anonymous said...

Just because "talking points" are provided doesn't mean teachers will use them, for goodness' sake. And why is it so awful to kids to see this? Might not it be an opportunity for parents to then discuss what Obama said while they eat dinner with their kids, explaining their own views? Why is Obama any more likely than any other president to be "political" in his message? Sounds like mass hysteria for no reason. What happened to respect for the office? And would you be up in arms about this if it were McCain who was delivering the speech?

Anonymous said...

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Life is good, you should try it!


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:52pm says:

"It saddens me to see so many people who doubt their own children. Are you all afraid that they cannot process ideas on their own? Are you fearful of actually having to discuss this topic with them?"

It's not that we parents fear talking about this with our children. It's that we fear our kids being propagandized to. The teachers' exercise prior, during and after the speech is designed to achieve a specific affect--not to solicit objective thoughts and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Some of your readers and posters would be surprised to learn that many of us who despise the current administration did not vote for McCain or Bush. We are not so stupid as to fall for the political game that is our Two-Party System. We understand that we have no real choice in that System. And that's the way it is set up. It fools most of the sheep, though. Poor tools. The government indoctrination centers AKA schools are there to manufacture those sheep. Try reading Orwell for some insight, why dontcha.

Anonymous said...

Ralph, I knew it! No Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh though? Or does this "Patriot" channel carry them?

Back to the speech. If Obama makes the speech political I'll stand corrected. But forgive me for believing that it won't be. It's going to be a rah rah for staying in school. As for "helping the president", couldn't this emailing the guy to set him straight if you think he's on the wrong path? Yes, I know that you think that he's the reincarnation of Lenin. Too much Glenn Beck?

You righties are just so easily whipped into a frenzy these days that it's pathetic. Personally, I hated George W Bush but would have had no issue with his addressing the kids about studying and staying in school, as ironic as it may been. Actually, don't all of you remember what he was doing when he froze like an oppossum when told about the 9/11 tragedy? Were you going crazy about his trying to "indoctrinate" those students?

Hypocrisy. It seems to be what you righties do best. Not so much you, Jim, you seem to be able to avoid that trap.

Anonymous said...

I find many of the arguments here to be hypocritical. Many are claiming that the President's speech is propaganda. I do not have a problem with that statement per se, but I do have a problem with the arguments used to support it.
People are demonizing the president and appealing to fear as a way to convince us of the dangers of the speech. This is hypocritical because those are two types of propaganda. Hypocrisy in it's truest form.
Take a step back and look at your reasons for disagreeing with the speech and its use. Check and see if you are the one in the grip of propaganda.

Here is a fun site on propaganda techniques. (part of the state standards that I teach in a language arts classroom)

Anonymous said...

The followers of Shallow Sean are just as deceived as the worshippers of Nobama. That's why our rulers have such an easy time manipulating the masses. And with OSU football starting up again they won't be able to think about much else.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of presidents "meddle" in education: Reagan, Bush, etc. Obama is no different.

Anonymous said...

Never before has a president enlisted the teachers unions to create a lesson plan to indoctrinate our kids.

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet: by Michael Rozeff via Lew Rockwell.
There are very good reasons to object to Obama’s speech. I’ll sum up the ones that bother me. There are no doubt others, but I have made no attempt to research them and find out what others are thinking on this matter.

1. The speech is beyond the President’s constitutional powers.
2. The President is supporting a national role in education, which also is unconstitutional.
3. The President is not supporting his oath of office, so he is conveying an anti-constitutional message to children.
4. The President is crossing a boundary between the political and social spheres. That boundary is in place in order to control government power and maintain a healthy free society.
5. The President is augmenting national power and influence.
6. The President is starting a new precedent that has dangerous implications.
7. The President’s speech cannot possibly be non-political. The very act itself is politically in furtherance of government and an enhanced government role.
8. The President also leads his party, and that fact may influence children.
9. The President may have an undue influence over children due to his position and power.
10. Will fairness considerations lead to equal time for opposition leaders?
11. Presidential access to communications is dangerous enough without extending it to youth.

Go to Lew Rockwell for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Some of us remember that during the recent Pres. campaign it was said that Barack Hussein O. was using hypnotic techniques in his speechifying. In the remote possibility that he has that capability all children should be protected from his carefully crafted pep talk. Better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Rush and Beck aren't even close to the class of talk radio hosts that Patriot 144 has on their line up. Plus, they end the afternoon with a dose of Hannity which is a lot like Ruch and Beck.

This whole Obama speech thing is simple...

1) Show me the speech and let me decide if its worth my kid hearing it. If so, I can prep my kid like the teachers are being prepped by Obama. For the record, my kid already excels in school and isn't planning on dropping out anytime soon. So if the Presidents objective is to ensure that my kid doesn't drop out or take studying lightly, he's wasting his time. Like a responsible adult, I've got that simple task under control and I don't need any President, Demorat or Repukelican, to help me stress the importance of education.

2) I didn't take issue with Bush reading a book to kids because it wasn't MY kid and he didn't mandate reading to EVERY school at the same time. If he had, I'd have the same response.

3) OLSD is a conservative base with funding paid for (mostly) by conservative taxes. Wade isn't so stupid that he will offend the wallets that pay his $1.3M contract and put the next levy at risk.

To steal a line from Fox News -- I report.... you decide!

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

The speech itself, as expected, is pretty innocuous. It's the coordination of the teachers unions--the surrogates enlisted to do the heavy lifting--to create an entire "lesson plan" around the speech that is nefarious.

Reading the DoE's lesson plan around the speech is an absolute revelation. It's been a long time since I've seen something so transparently indoctrinating. There is no attempt to be sublime. It's amazing.

Roundtable discussion with teachers and "world premiere" of the "Get Schooled: You Have The Right!" documentary:


There have been a bunch more political events constructed around "back to school" week--all very, very political, very targeted. The president--unlike Bush, Reagan--even Clinton--IS using this politically, synically--there is no dismissing this point.

Judge for yourself. Here are the lesson plans:

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a goodie! I found this at Lew Rockwell this AM.
"September 7, 2009
President Obama’s Bad History Lesson
Posted by J.H. Huebert on September 7, 2009 08:11 PM

Of all the ridiculous things in President Obama’s prepared remarks for America’s schoolchildren, this is the funniest and saddest:

'The story of America isn’t about people who quit when things got tough. It’s about people who kept going, who tried harder, who loved their country too much to do anything less than their best. It’s the story of students who sat where you sit 250 years ago, and went on to wage a revolution and found this nation.'

Of course, many of America’s founders did not sit in school, let alone a compulsory, government, mindless-drone-factory school as we have today because they didn’t exist and weren’t necessary. For example, George Washington dropped out of school at age twelve. Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at ten, then proceeded to educate himself, as he documented in his must-read Autobiography.

If these men had been subject to compulsory schooling controlled by a central government, we probably never would have heard of them, and we definitely wouldn’t have had a revolution. The founders were deeply flawed, of course, but such virtues as they had are precisely the virtues government schools attempt to destroy in the interest of forming unthinking obedient citizens. As usual, Mencken put it best:

"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever pretensions of politicians, pedagogues other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else…. Their purpose, in brief, is to make docile and patriotic citizens, to pile up majorities, and to make John Doe and Richard Doe as nearly alike, in their everyday reactions and ways of thinking, as possible."

And of course that’s the purpose of Obama’s speech, too. What a brazen attempt to rewrite history — and to pound into their heads that it’s always been this way."

I think that puts B.O. in the same league with Bushie. This is Orwellian. We have a Prez who brazenly lies in a speech to America's school kids. Or is he just that ignorant?

Anonymous said...

Much ado about NOTHING.

This country needs help (and maybe a psychiatrist) when its children can't listen to a speech about staying in school.

If there is a god, may he/she save this country from the lunatic right wing...

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44,

"If there is a god, may he/she save this country from the lunatic right wing..."

Let me clue you in on a little known secret that all of us over here on the right are "in on." There IS a God and he WILL save all, even those on the left who don't believe.

Rejoice, for tomorrow you may meet him!!!

Righty Ralph

Anonymous said...

Ralph, it's good to know that all people who are on the right believe in God. I can only assume that all on the left believe in no God. I can only hope that you are not serious. IF you are serious, you are seriously misguided.

Anonymous said...

10:05 Anon,

Looks like I forgot to use my sarcasm font and it seems you forgot to take your humor pill today.


Mr. Broad Brush (aka - Ralph)

Anonymous said...

PS: Tonight I learned that Patriot 144 is also host to NRA Radio!

I'm officially addicted to Sirius Patriot 144.

Siriusly guided,

VP Marketing (pro-bono)
Sirius Radio

Sirius Fan said...

Hey Ralph.....can you do something about that silly Alan Combs show on Sirius.

All that guy does is whine and complain like a looney leftie.

Loyal Sirius Listener

Anonymous said...

This is a business we're running here. All money is good money! Money from the left is the BEST kind of money there is becuase it is the only time the left actually contributes to anything. Typically, they expect it for free at the expense of the right.

That being said, I'm sure you can respect why we LOVE airing guys like Alan Combs. It allows Sirius to pull cash out of a lefty for the sake of OUR pocket books (aka - profit)!

Siriusly Serious,