Friday, June 19, 2009

Todd Hanks and Tommy Thompson: They seem a little nervous in the sunshine

Check out the link to see something odd at the county commissioners meeting. The majority of the commissioners try to sneak through a $3 million contract. Who will receive the contract? A company that doesn't even exist today.

Todd and Tommy, What's going on here? Who's pulling your strings?

Your Republican Party in action.


Anonymous said...

Gee--let's put a $3MM contract on the Agenda 45 minutes prior to the start of the commissioners meeting. Brilliant deception.

Does fraud get any more plain than this?

Anonymous said...

The $3.13 Million contract was not on Thursday, June 18th agenda. Thompson and Hanks wanted to push it after executive session under other business. O'Brien had not seen the contract and started reading it into the minutes, watch Thompson and Hanks get nervous. Only then did they agree to put it on Mondays agenda. Any ethical official would have all money items on the agenda. Hank and Thompson both should be removed from office.

Anonymous said...

O'Brien had the same amount of time before the meeting to see the contract as the other two did. O'Brien even said on record that there were no sunshine violations.